Matthew Vaughn’s latest movie, Argylle, is heading to theaters next month, and it features a star-studded cast. One big name on the lineup is Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays Elly Conway, the mysterious author behind the Argylle book. In addition to working with famous actors in the upcoming film, Howard also shares a lot of scenes with a cat named Chip (Alfie). recently had the chance to chat with Howard alongside her co-star, Bryan Cranston, and we asked how working with Chip compared to working with Grogu AKA Baby Yoda on Star Wars: The Mandalorian. Of course, Howard has helmed multiple episodes of the beloved Disney+ series, so she’s no stranger to the creator.

“Oh my God. Wonderful. Love them both so much,” Howard said of Chip and Grogu. “I mean, I go crazy for Gorgu, of course. And I go crazy for Chip. I mean, it’s the innocence, you know, of animals and creatures, and it just connects you to kind of the delight that you feel when you’re a kid yourself.”

“Now we had a real Chip, and then there was a stuffed animal chip,” Cranston added. “Was there a real Grogu and a stuffed animal Grogu when you were doing it?”

“Well, we didn’t have a stuffy,” Howard replied. “We just had a baby, and it was because he’s an animatronic … and he felt very, very, very real and so we just think he’s real.”

“What do you mean felt real?” Cranston hilariously replied very seriously. “It’s not real?”

“No, no, he’s real for sure,” Howard confirmed.

You can watch our interview with Howard and Cranston at the top of the page.

Matthew Vaughn Fired the Argylle Cat on the First Day of Filming:

During Vaughn’s New York Comic Con panel last year, the director revealed he had to fire the original Alfie on the first day of filming.

“We had a cat on the first day of filming and I fired the cat because he was very expensive and a pain in the ass,” Vaughn revealed. “Then I went home and went into my daughter’s bedroom and said, ‘I’m gonna borrow your cat.’ I didn’t quite think it through that I’d have to drive to work with the cat, every day. And on this film, I’m now a director and a cat handler, and I don’t like cats to be very clear, I’m a dog person, but I’m now a cat person as well, so. They say don’t work with kids, don’t work with animals, if they’re your own kid or animal, might be the way to do it.”

Argylle lands in theaters on February 2nd.



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