In tandem with Fortnite’s own updates released this week, LEGO Fortnite got updated, too, with some new features, gameplay adjustments, and skins for players to check out. Namely, LEGO Fortnite players should now see more of their Fortnite skins carry over to the LEGO game with cosmetics like ones for Spider-Man, Wolverine, Thanos, Ahsoka Tano, and more added to LEGO Fortnite. The same update also added some helpful quality of life features like one that makes it so that players no longer have to stop moving every time they want to eat something.

In addition to these new LEGO versions of existing Fortnite skins, players will also notice that some of their existing LEGO Fortnite skins have been updated to have higher quality versions. These changes apply to original Fortnite skins, not licensed ones, but if you for some reason prefer the old look and not the more detailed ones, you’ll have the option to switch back in February when that feature is added.

With that said, here’s what’s new in LEGO Fortnite this week:

LEGO Fortnite Patch Notes

Major Updates

Launch Pads added
Placing a build will now remove any small bushes, rocks, or plants that are in the way.
You can now more reliably place builds on slopes.
Want more Building Parts? A variety of new sizes and styles for Floors, Walls, and Roofs have been added so you can fill in gaps and have more options available!
You can now abandon a build in progress. This will leave any parts already placed and remove the blue preview parts so you can continue customizing your creation.
It’s now more obvious when you’re using Snap Mode, and we’ve added more snap points to Building Parts so that they lock together easier.
Bushranger, Rustler, and Tomatohead can now appear as potential Villagers to join your adventure!
Villages can now be instantly removed with the “Delete Village” option in the Village Square. This new option is available to the world owner and keyholders.
Don’t want a Villager in town anymore? You can now remove them by getting rid of their bed and then asking them to leave.
Chest rewards have been improved with better loot, especially those from fighting enemies and solving puzzles.
Blasters have wandered out of their caves and can be found in the desert, making Blast Cores easier to obtain.
Speaking of caves, Brutes have found their way into some — be careful down there!
Hermit Crabs now attack your Villagers, and they attack back!
You can now get rid of any unwanted items, like a Skeleton’s pickaxe ;), by throwing them in a Campfire.
We’ve added a legend to the map to show players’ respawn and backpack locations.

New LEGO Fortnite Skins

Ahsoka Tano
Jack Skellington
Loki Laufeyson
Scarlet Witch
Star-Lord Outfit

Higher Detailed LEGO Styles for Skins

Cosmic Infinity
FFC Sparkplug
Love Ranger


You can now eat while moving!
You’ll no longer automatically pick up tools (and accidentally fill your inventory with things you might not want!).
Crossbow arrows now have a slightly lower speed and more natural arc when shot.
Added the ability to ping locations in a world.
Depositing items in Chests will now stack them together. This also works for dragging and dropping them in Chests or using the quick deposit actions.
Who’s there? Villagers can now open doors.
To better fit in with their environment, Rams now have more Health.
Thrusters, Balloons, Switches, and Wheels now give resources back when destroyed. (This only works for Thrusters, Balloons, Switches, and Wheels placed after this update. Current ones will not drop resources.)
Fried Eggs take less time to eat.
We’ve also adjusted the recipe for a Fried Egg and the effects of eating one.
Reduced number of eggs required from 2 to 1.
Reduced fullness gained from 8 to 5.
Reduced hearts gained from 5 to 4.
Eating food with a lower-value Stamina regen buff no longer overrides a higher-value buff you already have.
Fixed an issue where food wouldn’t fill the correct amount of hunger while playing with certain game languages selected.
Fixed an issue where other players joining your world would spawn far away from everyone else.
Fixed an issue where players would sometimes spawn in or under buildings.
You’ll no longer spawn on top of a cave after you had exited LEGO Fortnite inside one.
The “Respawn” button now works consistently.
Fixed a rare bug that prevented players from jumping after respawning.
Chests no longer appear floating in the air when you load into a world.
Boulders no longer change location when you load into a world.
Destroyed Crafting Stations no longer reappear sometimes when you load into a world.
Attacks will hit and damage enemies more consistently.
Sheep, cows, and chickens will no longer walk over fences.
Nearby creatures will no longer accidentally get eliminated when a player does.
Items you’ve stored in Chests are no longer sometimes invisible to other players.
Fixed an issue where some players couldn’t discover the Storage Chest recipe correctly.
Villagers will now actually do their “Metal Smelter” job if assigned it!
The Village Square will no longer get accidentally destroyed when you destroy something next to it.
Fixed an issue where Stations could lose the items they’ve processed during rain.
Fixed an issue where the Grasslands sometimes made players too hot or too cold in areas near the Dry Valley or Frostlands.
Fixed an issue on mobile where you couldn’t eat food after picking up a crate.
Fixed an issue where some cacti weren’t dropping resources when destroyed.
Fixed an issue where some stumps couldn’t be damaged.
When starting a new world, Brite Bomber or Cuddle Team Leader will now follow you to your campsite even if you wander off. They’ll now also properly appear every time when starting a new world.
Players are no longer launched too high when they jump-attack on a geyser.
Fixed an issue where you sometimes couldn’t sprint.

Stability and Performance

Frame rate is improved when looking at water.
Added a new message that says your world is closing and starting back up again (when you leave and rejoin a world too quickly).
Improved stability so that crashes aren’t as likely.
Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on the loading screen when loading into a world.


Supply Drops will now fall more naturally and no longer get stuck in the air.
Large builds are now more stable and less likely to break apart.
Fixed an issue where breaking off chunks of a large build would cause them to fall through the ground and disappear.
Fixed an issue where Dynamic Foundations would sometimes go backwards when pushed.
Fixed an issue where Dynamic Foundations would sometimes refuse to move when you loaded back into your world.
Dynamic Foundations no longer get out of sync for other players in the world.
Fixed an issue where Wheels would shift from their attach point or disappear when moving across the world.
Travelling long distances with Balloons and Thrusters no longer accidentally breaks off pieces.
Fixed an issue where moving objects would jitter and knock players off of them.
Pushing objects like logs is now more predictable, with less object stutters.


You can now remove shared worlds from your “Shared Worlds” list.
There’s now a button to let world owners remove other players from their world and/or remove their key.
Adjusted several UI screens on mobile to improve the layout and button sizes for touch controls.
Added more icons to the HUD on mobile for using specific items.
The “All Items” menu is now easier to get to in Sandbox Mode.
Resolved an issue with the Village UI sometimes showing the wrong Village Level.



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