RSVLTS is known for apparel that combines high quality, super comfortable material with designs that one might describe as…aggressive. They’re for fans that aren’t messing around, and their latest lineup of Star Wars hats and performance hoodies is no exception. The collection includes five hats in dad hat and regular/sloped snapback styles and four performance hoodies that feature RSVLTS ShredFlex material, which is described as “light, breathable, soft & comfy fit with four-way stretch”.

You can shop the entire RSVLTS Star Wars collection right here. Note that the new hoodies feature patterns that were available previously on their Kunuflex short sleeve shirt collection, so you can opt for one of those instead if you prefer. We’re particularly fond of the Ahoska Tano-inspired “Summer Snips” design and The Mandalorian-inspired “This is the Way” pattern.

All dad hats retail at $30, regular/sloped styles $35, and performance hoodies for $75. A list of the new additions can be found below.

Star Wars Hats

A New Hope – dad hat style
Tatooine Sunset – dad hat style
The Astromech – dad hat style
Far, Far Away – available in regular and sloped styles
Beep-Boop – available in regular and sloped styles

Star Wars Performance Hoodies

This is the Way
Summer Snips
That’s No Moon
Boba’s Debut
Battle of Yavin

A Mandalorian & Grogu Movie Is On The Way

Disney and Lucasfilm recently announced The Mandalorian & Grogu, a new Star Wars movie bringing Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin and his Mandalorian apprentice to the big screen with director Jon Favreau. The Mando movie will begin production this year and is further along than Dave Filoni’s untitled New Republic movie and James Mangold’s Dawn of the Jedi movie announced at Star Wars Celebration 2023. A Rey Skywalker movie is also in the works, that is being touted as having “a different direction”:

“So I thought about it for a little bit and once I knew what the story was and everything, I knew it was something I really wanted to do,” Ridley revealed to AlloCin?. “I think it’s a really fantastic exploration of the Star Wars world. It’s a really cool way of taking the story on in a bit of a different direction.”

“That was actually quite last minute. I was actually making my own film last year and Kathy Kennedy said she wanted to have breakfast,” Ridley detailed. “And I thought we were just having breakfast, so I was literally eating my breakfast, and she said, ‘Oh, we might do another one.’ I was like, ‘…Okay.'”



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