In LEGO Fortnite, players have managed to come up with a number of exciting creations. The developers have offered a lot of creative tools in the game, and players are finding unique ways of taking advantage. Reddit user cxt_bro is one such example, having built his very own LEGO Star Destroyer! The vehicle is based on the actual LEGO Star Wars set, and the player did a very nice job replicating it in the game. The build doesn’t actually fly, but cxt_bro has been able to make it float.

Images of the LEGO Fortnite Star Destroyer can be found below.

Progress photos of my accurate Lego Star Destroyer inspired from the official sets!
u/cxt_bro in

LEGO Fortnite has only been around for a few weeks, but the game has quickly found a passionate following. Since it was released, Epic Games has been adding LEGO styles for skins. Last month saw the return of Fortnite‘s Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Leia Organa skins, all of which were given new LEGO styles. Given the long association Star Wars and the LEGO brand have had with one another, it’s not too surprising that fans would try to replicate vehicles and locations from the movies in LEGO Fortnite. The fact that LEGO Fortnite is still pretty new makes it all the more impressive that someone was able to recreate a Star Destroyer in the game. Hopefully we’ll see this level of creativity even more from players in the months ahead!

LEGO Star Wars Games

Star Wars was the first collaboration LEGO ever made with an outside brand, and the team-up has been incredibly lucrative for the two companies. The popularity of Star Wars LEGO sets has resulted in merchandise, animated specials, and several video games. The most recent of these games was LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, which was released in 2022. There has been no information on when the next LEGO Star Wars game will release (or if we’ll even get one), so fans will have to settle for LEGO Fortnite in the meantime.

Fortnite‘s New Games

In the month of December, Fortnite saw three new games released. So far, LEGO Fortnite seems to be the most popular, but there’s also Fortnite Festival and Fortnite Rocket Racing. These three games are all accessed within Fortnite, but feature vastly different gameplay. It will be interesting to see if these games can maintain longterm interest, or if they might be able to attract players that aren’t into the main game. Given that all three games span different genres, that’s very much a possibility! Epic Games has also shown that it has plans for these games in the future; for example, Fortnite Festival will be getting support for instrument peripherals from games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. However, the company has no plans to make its own guitar controller peripherals.

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