John Wick director Chad Stahelski has ideas for more than just the John Wick franchise — specifically, for Star Wars — and all Disney needs to do is call. Speaking with Josh Horowitz for Happy Sad Confused, Stahelski revealed that not only is he a Star Wars fan, but he has ideas for what he’d do with the franchise if given the opportunity.

“I’m a Star Wars guy, like the first Star Wars changed my life course,” Stahelski said. “Maybe someday out there, Disney, if you’re listening.”

He added, “I’d take a swing at that. I challenge you to see if Disney could survive me.”

Stahelski also explained that when it comes to other major Disney IP — in this case, Marvel — he also would love to take a crack at Blade if the opportunity presented itself.

“Of all the things out there, I’d take a swing at Blade in a second,” he said.

John Wick 5 Is Already In Development

While Stahelski has ideas for Star Wars should Disney come calling, he also has ideas for more John Wick. The filmmaker previously said that he has notebooks of ideas all the way through John Wick 9.

“I have notebooks and notebooks of shit behind me, John Wicks 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. We have ideas for days,” Stahelski said. “We just don’t have the story locked. I have no interest in doing the cash grab of bringing John Wick back for something. Is he a character I like? Of course. And if I did a couple of John Wick movies, great. Keanu would do one again in a second if we had a good story. We leave that open-ended. I know that the studio would love us to say we have another one.”

Additionally, Lionsgate has previously confirmed that a fifth John Wick film is in early development.

“We’re now moving across that franchise, not just in the AAA video game space, but looking at what the regular cadence of spin-offs, television really growing that universe so that there is a steady cadence of a franchise that there’s clear appetite by the audience,” Drake explained. “What is official is that, as you know, Ballerina is the first spinoff that comes out next year. We’re in development on three others, including [John Wick 5] and including television series, The Continental, will be airing soon. And so, we’re building out the world and when that five movie comes, will be organic — will be organically grown out of how we’re starting to tell those stories. But you can rely on a regular cadence of John Wick.”

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