The biggest holiday in the galaxy far, far away is Life Day, which Star Wars fans celebrate in November, but in honor of December holidays, LEGO Star Wars has released three all-new shorts to help get fans in the spirit of the season. Despite how adorable these LEGO shorts are, fans know that they are more playful and whimsical takes on the franchise as opposed to being canonical events, which goes not only for these latest shorts, but also for The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, which debuted back in 2020. You can check out all three shorts below.

Over on, the writers of the shorts added some insight into what inspired the adventures.

“Twas the Night Before Life Day” – In an homage to the well-known holiday classic, Yoda recounts the story of R2-D2 ruining a Life Day party thrown by the Emperor aboard the Death Star.

“We knew that we wanted to do a Life Day short with Vader and the Emperor set at a holiday party, but beyond that we weren’t sure what it would be. I was brainstorming during the winter of 2022, so ‘Twas the Night Before X-Mas was in the air,” writer David Shayne expressed. “I got the idea and, since I hadn’t really discussed it with anyone at LEGO or Lucasfilm, thought I would write a verse or two and see if they would go for it. But I got carried away and ended up writing the whole thing (sometimes stuff comes together quickly) and sent them a ‘whaddya think’ email. Fortunately, they went for it! A few edits later and we were recording! It all came together VERY fast, but I sometimes wonder if I would’ve gotten the initial idea had I been brainstorming in July.”

“Chewie’s Holiday Cheer Up” – Noticing that Chewbacca is disappointed to not celebrate Life Day with his family, Han rallies the rebels at Yavin base to surprise Chewbacca with a Life Day celebration of their own.

“For many of us, celebrating the holidays is done through observing traditions, and it’s no different for Wookiees — the hanging of the Life Day orbs brings the community together to recognize the significance of the day,” writer Jason Stein recalled. “As we reflected on our own holiday experiences, being far from home can sometimes make it difficult to enjoy the traditions that make the holidays feel special. Thankfully for Chewbacca, his fellow rebels at Yavin Base won’t let Life Day pass without a proper celebration that shows the strength of their friendship as they work together to recreate those traditions.”

“Tenoo Treasures” – Tasked with finding items for Master Yoda, Jedi younglings Kai Brightstar and Lys Solay set off to track down the pieces and learn a valuable lesson.

“Having introduced younglings Kai and Lys in Young Jedi Adventures earlier this year, we wanted to showcase the energy and exuberance that drives them in taking on challenges large and small, while capturing a sense of curiosity and wonder that the holiday spirit invokes in children and adults,” Stein pointed out. “Leaning into Yoda’s thinking regarding how ‘truly wonderful the mind of a child is,’ we show the younglings eagerly embracing a task while learning patience along the way, complete with a little holiday magic from Master Yoda.”

Stay tuned for updates on the future of the LEGO Star Wars franchise.

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