Star Wars: Ahsoka released its first season on Disney+ this year, but the cast was unable to promote the series while it was airing due to the SAG strike. Now that the strike has come to an end, the cast of the Star Wars series has been busy sharing some behind-the-scenes photos and videos. Fans of the franchise have been treated to a lot of content featuring Hayden Christensen, who made his return as Anakin Skywalker in the fifth episode of the show. This week, Rosario Dawson (Ahsoka Tano) posted a photo with Christensen, and she’s not the only one showcasing the prequel star. Christensen’s big Ahsoka episode also marked the first time the younger version of Ahsoka had been seen in live-action, and she was played by Barbie‘s Ariana Greenblatt. Today, Greenblatt took to Twitter to share a video of the lightsaber training she did with Christensen.

“From the practice stage to the sound stage, early early walk through choreography with the chosen one? #Ahsoka,” Greenblatt wrote. You can check out the cool BTS video below:

from the practice stage to the sound stage, early early walk through choreography with the chosen one? #Ahsoka

— Ariana Greenblatt (@ArianaG) December 9, 2023

Dave Filoni Recalls Bringing Young Ahsoka Into Live-Action:

Recently, Ahsoka showrunner Dave Filoni spoke with the Dagobah Dispatch podcast (via ScreenRant) and recalled how it felt seeing Greenblatt embody Ahsoka on set.

“For me, the weirdest one had to be when, and there were a lot of great moments with so many of the people and characters, but when I saw Ariana as young Ahsoka, that was a real thunderbolt,” Filoni shared. “Because that character in that form is really the first thing that I contributed to Star Wars and at Lucasfilm. She was a discussion point from, really, day one with George and I, in the very beginning. I remember drawing that character and figuring out what she was gonna look like before anybody was even aware that Anakin even had a Padawan.”

He continued, “There was this awesome moment where Ariana was sitting there on the ground, kinda kneeling, and she was telling… I don’t know what she was talking about, but she was telling this story to a bunch of guys dressed as clones, and it was the most one-to-one real thing I’d ever seen. I just sat there and stared at it, and it was so… she wasn’t acting, she wasn’t being Ahsoka, but she was being so Ahsoka. I was like, ‘Wow, it’s exactly what it was, this young girl captivated all these soldiers, ’cause she’s got that charisma, she was that thing.’ That was kind of really jaw-dropping for me. Those were very fun days. Those were the days where people would just filter onto the set that normally aren’t there, because they just wanted to stand there and watch it. We had planned that whole sequence to a T.”

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