Anthony Daniels first played C-3PO in Star Wars back in 1977, and he now holds the record for appearing in the most projects in the franchise. In fact, the actor recently made a surprise cameo as the lovable droid in Star Wars: Ahsoka. When you play a character for as long as Daniels has, especially a character in a franchise known for merchandise, you’re bound to accumulate a lot of things over the years. Recently, the actor announced he’d be auctioning off nearly 200 items, including C-3PO’s head, scripts, and part of the Millenium Falcon.

“I did rescue those pieces of the Millennium Falcon from a bonfire at the back of Elstree Studios after production finished on Return of the Jedi,” Daniels recalled while speaking with BBC. “I realized I had these items and they’re not unloved but they are unlooked at – we don’t have them crowding the sitting room,” Daniels explained. “Will I feel sad to part with them? No. I will enjoy the fact people will cherish and display them.”

Daniels revealed he will be attending the auction, and feels “very good about it and very excited” about it. “Propstore have beautifully and carefully curated the collection … In a curious way, it means more to them than it does to me because I have the real memories – I was there.”

“What a catalogue! And yes, it’s time to share. Join me and @prop_store on the 9th November. Hopefully there’s something for everyone in this auction of my collection of odds and ends from every Star Wars film I’ve had the luck to work on. Better they are prized in your collection than unseen in my attic. The scary thing is the picture of me on the front. It was taken a long time ago… clearly,” Daniels shared on Instagram. You can view his post below:

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Anthony Daniels on Appearing in Ahsoka:

Daniels recently took to Instagram to share details about his Ahsoka debut.

“Never thought Threepio would have the honour to appear in the rightly lauded, Ahsoka,” Daniels wrote. “So we were both surprised to get a call from the Master himself, Dave Filoni. And then, there we were, enveloped by the utterly compelling FX of The Volume. And there they were, the dedicated crew and the cast of lovely and talented humans, and droids.”

He continued, “3PO and I have rarely had such an enthusiastic welcome, nor such loving support throughout our days on set. I hear that fans were moved to tears by seeing their golden friend, once again on screen. I was equally moved by the surprise ovation from the assembled team, as I finally emerged from that iconic figure. Maybe this is a good time to thank them and so many millions, for the love they have shown my friend over so many years. So… on his behalf… Thank you.”

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