The once-popular Star Wars RPG is returning to stores next month with reprinted content, including new sets of the custom dice for the game. Next month, Asmodee will release Beginner Games for all three of its Star Wars RPGs, marking the first time that the Beginner Boxes have been in print for several years. Additionally, Asmodee will also release sets of the custom dice needed to play the game, a relief for many Star Wars fans who have been unable to get the dice from retailers in several years.

Each beginner box covers a different aspect of the Star Wars franchise and are for technically separate, but cross-compatible games Age of Rebellion covers the Rebel Alliance/Galactic Empire conflict, Edge of the Empire explores the Outer Rim and rules for being a smuggler or criminal in the Star Wars universe, and Force and Destiny is for those who want to play a Jedi or Force sensitive-themed character. All three games use the Genesys system, a custom game engine specifically created for the Star Wars RPGs.

Fantasy Flight Games first released the Star Wars RPGs in 2020, but the line was discontinued as part of a wider company overhaul that saw all of its RPGs licenses transferred to the new Asmodee subsidiary Edge Studios. While Edge Studios confirmed plans to continue the Star Wars line, there has been inconsistent messaging as to whether this will include new material. Earlier this year, Edge Studios finally announced plans to reprint 11 sourcebooks for the game, with these Beginner Boxes serving as an entry point for the game. It remains unclear if this will lead to new material for the Star Wars RPG getting published in 2024 or if the reprint is just a way to get the game back in the hands of Star Wars fans.



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