Having delivered entries into both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Fast and Furious franchises, filmmaker Louis Leterrier has gotten to tell stories in some of the most beloved cinematic series, but the director recently confirmed he also tried to head to the galaxy far, far away with Star Wars projects. Leterrier noted that his ideas are similar to what we would go on to see in The Mandalorian and in the Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi TV shows, but rather than claiming he influenced those projects, admitted that they were obvious storytelling decisions. The director’s passion for the franchise likely means he’d still be open to getting involved in the franchise in some way.

While speaking with the Happy Sad Confused podcast about being a fan of Star Wars, Leterrier confirmed, “We all are. Any person, man, woman, whatever, American, French, Asian person who says, in their 40s-50s, saying they’re making movies for a different reason than trying to do a Star Wars movie are lying. We all are trying, in a way, to make a Star Wars movie. Even in my last movie, in Fast X, I put TIE Fight sounds in it. I just cannot help myself.”

As far as whether his love of Star Wars ever resulted in getting to make official pitches to the studio, Leterrier confirmed, “I had it a long time ago when I came to them and pitched a Lone Wolf … ‘We should do a Star Wars TV show conceived as a Lone Wolf and Cub,’ and they say, ‘Eh, we don’t know if it’s a great idea. We’ll come back to you with this idea.'” Given how similar this pitch sounded to the narrative of The Mandalorian, the director clarified, “It was not Mando, it was two things: I wanted to do the missing part between … Basically before [Star Wars: A New Hope] where Obi-Wan takes Luke, I wanted to do that, but also was very interested in the Boba Fett movie, or TV show. That’s okay, I did Hulk, I did other things.”

Leterrier didn’t offer up any details on the timing of when he pitched these projects, though it can be assumed it was after Lucasfilm was purchased by The Walt Disney Company. He also noted that there weren’t any sour feelings, as he conceived of these projects because they seemed like such obvious storytelling opportunities.

“It’s all good, it’s all part of the thing. And, frankly, I had this idea because it was low-hanging fruit, I think it was so obvious, the characters are so iconic,” the filmmaker added. “Didn’t go the way I wanted.”

Stay tuned for updates on the future of the Star Wars franchise.

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