The Star Wars franchise has no shortage of video games to play across multiple platforms, and those existing games are going to have to tide fans over for the time being, as a game expected to release in 2023 has been pushed back to next year. Zynga announced today that Star Wars: Hunters will now be arriving sometime in 2024. When it does end up releasing, the squad-based multiplayer game will be available on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices. In a statement posted to the Zynga Star Wars Twitter account, the game’s developers noted that they are “committed to creating the best experience for our players.”

Star Wars: Hunters Soft Launch

(Photo: Zynga/Lucasfilm Games)

Unfortunately, the statement does not offer any idea when Star Wars: Hunters should be expected in 2024, but hopefully the delay will result in a more polished game at launch. While delays are a common thing in the gaming industry, the announcement was met with a lot of frustration from Star Wars fans. Star Wars: Hunters already soft launched in some regions of the world all the way back in 2021, and was originally supposed to release in 2022, before getting pushed to 2023. Now the game has been delayed again, despite the fact that some people have been playing it for two years! Zynga addressed the soft launch in its statement today, and how it’s hoping to add more features ahead of the game’s worldwide launch.

“We are thankful to all our fans who have played Star Wars: Hunters in soft launch and have loved the engagement and enthusiasm for the game shown in our soft launch territories. There are several exciting new elements we are still working hard to get into the game before it launches worldwide. These include Ranked Mode, exciting updates to our core gameplay mechanics, and much more,” the statement reads.

Star Wars: Heritage Pack

The delay of Star Wars: Hunters is sure to frustrate a lot of Switch owners, but the system does have a pretty significant Star Wars release coming next month. Star Wars: Heritage Pack is a collection set to release in stores on December 8th, and it will contain seven classic Star Wars games. The Heritage Pack has been available for a while on the eShop, but the collection marks the first time it has gotten a physical release. The collection includes fan favorites like Star Wars Episode I: Racer and The Force Unleashed, as well as Knights of the Old Republic, which is widely considered one of the greatest video games of all-time. The remasters included in the collection are all on the older side, but for Star Wars fans that have never had a chance to play these games, there’s never been a better opportunity!

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