Ahsoka Tano and her friends try to prevent Grand Admiral Thrawn’s escape in the thrilling season finale.

Ahsoka Tano debuted in the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars and has since become one of the saga’s most beloved characters. Now, the former Jedi’s own live-action series, Ahsoka, has arrived on Disney+. In “Ahsoka Analyzed,” StarWars.com picks its highlights for each episode. Grab your lightsabers and join us for the journey.

Spoiler warning: This article discusses story details and plot points from the Ahsoka episode “Part Eight: The Jedi, the Witch, and the Warlord.”

Sabine Wren has succeeded even as she’s failed. She found her friend Ezra Bridger and helped propel him in the direction home. She learned to stand by her Master, Ahsoka Tano. And despite what certain ancient droids say — *cough, Huyang, cough* — she has shown tremendous potential as a Jedi apprentice.

In the captivating Ahsoka season finale, “Part Eight: The Jedi, the Witch, and the Warlord,” now streaming on Disney+, Morgan Elsbeth embraced the gift of shadows, the Great Mothers resurrected the dead as part of their reign of terror, and Ezra Bridger finally made the quantum leap to get back to his space mom, Hera Syndulla. Unfortunately…he hitched a ride with the enemy. Here are seven highlights from the finale of Ahsoka.

1. Ezra’s new lightsaber.

Huyang keeps an enviable stash of lightsaber parts at the ready for Padawans and other Jedi in need, but there’s one piece that is perfect for Ezra Bridger alone. An emitter twinned with the one that topped Kanan Jarrus’ lightsaber completes Ezra’s latest lightsaber, signaling his growth and a new beginning. “It is proper that you should have it,” Huyang tells Ezra. We couldn’t agree more.

2. Zombie troopers and other dark majik.

And we thought the night troopers were bad already. The Great Mothers recycle their soldiers, imbuing them with the kind of “dark majik” (as the Great Mothers call it) that leaves their eye sockets glowing the neon green so often associated with the Nightsisters. But the shambling undead aren’t the only ones who have been transformed as Morgan Elsbeth becomes a true sister of the night. For the Empire? No. For Dathomir.

3. Ahsoka Tano v. Morgan Elsbeth.

It’s the rematch we’ve all been waiting for. Ahsoka battled Morgan on Corvus back when the witch was wielding a fine beskar spear. Now with Elsbeth carrying the Blade of Talzin, Ahsoka must sacrifice one of her lightsabers and ultimately deliver the killing blow to win the day and rid herself of this foe once and for all.

4. Sabine using the Force!

Her critics said she couldn’t do it, and so far, we’ve seen Sabine Wren get beaten out by *checks notes* a tiny teacup refusing to budge. But Ahsoka believed in her. Did Sabine help to open the gates to the fortress as the heroes plowed through the front door? Hard to say. But staring at the reanimated corpse of a zombie trooper dead in their dead eyes, Sabine Wren calls her lightsaber to her hand proving she is Jedi material. Take that, Professor Huyang.

5. Sabine’s choice.

Sabine knows what it’s like to feel left behind. Torn between two people that are like family to the orphaned Mandalorian, Sabine helps push Ezra through the air onto Thrawn’s ship as the enemy is just about to get away. But instead of following her friend, she voluntarily stays to ensure that Ahsoka isn’t left stranded alone.

6. Hera, he’s home!

No simple Night Trooper disguise can fool Chopper. With an understated “Hi, Hera. I’m home,” Ezra Bridger is reunited with Hera Syndulla, the woman who practically raised him from a troublemaking teen into a fine young man. We couldn’t be happier.

7. “It’s time to move on.”

The convor Morai and the Force spirit of Anakin Skywalker both appear to give Ahsoka Tano signs that she’s exactly where she is supposed to be. With this simple wisdom, reflected in images that show Baylan on his journey, Shin igniting her lightsaber as she enters the bandit’s camp on Peridea, and Thrawn and the Great Mothers arriving at Dathomir, it seems like everyone is in agreement.


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