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Starkiller's Training Gear Costumes are Brown

Twi'lek Pam

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Hi, everyone.


I feel really bad every time I have to post in somebody's thread that their costume is the wrong color, so I'm just going to make a general statement. That way I can say what needs to be said without feeling like I'm picking on individual people. It's my job to guide people toward accurate costumes, but I don't always enjoy doing so because sometimes the same problems come back over and over again. I'm going to post this here and make it a sticky, and then I don't wanna say it anymore!



Unless you are making Starkiller's Sith Robes, Sith Stalker, or Hoth costume, there is no black. The TIE factory, Raxus Prime, and Felucia gear are all dark brown.



Well, the small triangle of undershirt you can see at the neckline of the training gear is black, but that is it!


No black tunic.


No black belts.


No black pants.


No arguing with me and saying, "But that guy over there has a black costume..." It takes all the fun out of this for me to deal with that kind of argument, and somebody else's costume is NOT the same thing as a game reference. If I'm asked to judge a costume for approval, and it's black, I will say it's not finished because color corrections need to be made.



Brown... (note the small black triangle at the base of the neck)
























Thank you,


She who still needs to build a PROXY costume. :wink:

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