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Darth Nihilus (Champio)ns of the Force


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so its time for a new kit and like I do I gone for one you do not see a lot ( well in the uk) and thats Darth Nihilus (Champions of the Force)

so 1st ref pic










I fond the lightsaber think it just need some black in it to match better




as for the softs and mask I fond a seller





main question is is the mask good (ukg do not have a pacific armourer for the kit and there not 100% on it ) to what I can tell one of her kits pass in the 501st at the end of 2023 any info would be a big help 

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Is that the correct saber? It doesn't match the CRL. Also, the saber is optional so maybe get everything else approved and get the saber later. The mask you show on the photo of the costumed person does not appear to match the CRL.  I think you should review the CRL again here: 



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  • DAK82 changed the title to Darth Nihilus (Champio)ns of the Force

As already stated by David the mask do not match the CRL, it will need to be replaced. 

And the saber is optional, so you do not need it for approval, also there are better ones out there that looks more accurate.  If you want to use it at a canon event, you will need to find one that are close to the CRL ref. pic.

Regarding your costume, you will need to shorten the front of your hood closure, it should only reach upper sternum, also it looks like you have another layer inside of the hood that goes into your tunic ?   if so that will need to be removed. 

To give a full discription, I will need to see the costume from all sides, front, back, left and right. 

It would be great to get a pic of each piece for it self on a plain, preferred white background without having been manipulated, since it can be hard to tell the details black on black.


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hi thanks for the info was specking to the seller about the mask and if it can be change and dos not look like there interested in doing that and to what I can tell the inner and outer mask are attached so it can't be swapped out so going to see if I can find a new supplier and will go from there 

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