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September 2020 - Dan Sloman, SL-2759

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Comm-Tower Spotlights: September 2020

We’re pleased to introduce you to The Flagship Eclipse member SL-2759; otherwise known as Dan Sloman.

Dan is from the Vindicator Squad of the Canadian Garrison, and is our TFE Member in the spotlight for this month’s Newsletter!
They took some time to have a chat with Lauren / Flutefreak05, one of our TFE PR Officers.




FF: When did you join the 501st Legion and why did you join? 

Dan: I joined in Sept 2010, to meet like minded people, and to give back to people and the community.


FF: Why did you choose to join The Flagship Eclipse Detachment? 

Dan: I love the character of Darth Revan, and felt that within Canada there weren't enough people representing him... There's a lot of love for this character out there.




FF: What is your favorite costume and what is your favorite character? 

Dan: Darth Revan for both, although at times I do miss my TK (now retired).


FF: What is your dream costume and what are your future costume plans? 

Dan: My dream costume is/was Revan, Am currently putting together a Mandalorian…




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