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February 2020 - Donald Buffaloe, SL-28333

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Comm-Tower Spotlights: February 2020

We’re pleased to introduce you to The Flagship Eclipse member SL-28333; otherwise known as Littbuff.

Littbuff is from Florida Garrison, and is our TFE Member in the spotlight for this month’s Newsletter!
He took some time to have a chat with Lauren / Flutefreak05, one of our TFE PR Officers.




FF: When did you join the Legion?

Littbuff: I joined in June 2017.


FF: Why did you decide to join, and why did you join the Flagship Eclipse?

Littbuff: I joined to be part of something bigger. I have always been passionate about Star Wars ever since I was a kid. When I heard of the 501st legion for the first time I made it a goal in life to join. I love TFE it was my first detachment I have ever joined and definitely has a family feeling to it. It is my favorite detachment. 


FF: Who would you say is your favorite costume/character in Star Wars?

Littbuff: Oh there's a tough one, I have so many favorites. Nihilus will probably always be my favorite costume. It was the costume I joined the legion with so it’s my baby. My favorite character though is Emperor Palpatine. 


FF: Do you have any plans for future costumes?

Littbuff: I have a few in the works right now. For Star Wars I am working on Captain Rex as he is one of my favorite characters from The Clone Wars. For non Star Wars I really want to work on King Anduin Wrynn from World of Warcraft.


FF: If you could make your dream costume, what would it be?

Littbuff: Hmm, I would really like to get my hands on the red robes Palpatine wore when addressing the senate in Revenge of the Sith. I also really would like to build a republic commando from SWTOR





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