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September 2019 - Sasha Martin, DS-25079

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Comm-Tower Spotlights: September 2019

We’re pleased to introduce you to The Flagship Eclipse member DS-25079; otherwise known as Squid!

Squid is from Redback Garrison, and is our TFE Member in the spotlight for this month’s Newsletter!
She took some time to have a chat with Paul / Strength, our TFE Design Officer.




Strength: When did you join the Legion and what costume was your first?

Squid: Howdy Paul! I joined back in 2014 as just a Wrangler (or support crew) and took forever to figure out what I wanted to do when it was mentioned that I would make a fantastic Mara Jade! I was approved on 2016 with her!


Strength: Nice! Handler, or wranglers as we all know the feeling, are REALLY important. So after you looked into Mara Jade what was it about the character that inspire you become her?

Squid: To be completely honest, I had no idea who she was! I had only watched the movies and knew little of the novels until that point. I looked in to who she was, and what she did and I knew I had to become her. I loved that fact that she kicked arse and took names! She gets an arsenal of weapons which I found to be awesome, she has a really incredible work ethic (even if it is just Palps). I also like that she shows that you can change your feelings, her hatred to Luke turned to love overtime when working together.


Strength: She IS a bad ass. Have you had the pleasure of meeting Timothy Zahn,  her creator?

Squid: I met him last year, and he was the nicest person! He seeked me out at our stand to get a photo with me, which made me so thrilled!


Strength: And since you ARE Mara Jade now, what's your dream costume? What other character(s) would you want to be?

Squid: I've got a male Tusken and the solo transport security officer (first in Australia with that!) that I rotate through depending on the event. 
If money wasn't an option, it would have to be Ashoka! If my big big hair wasn't an issue, Assaji Ventress and if my 5'4 height wasn't the problem, VADER!!!!!


Strength: You bring up an interesting point on costumes, Bader is tall and your hair with Ventress. What are a few characters you think you cannot do? Then what are sone you think you could pull off that others couldn't.

Squid: I'm a firm believing in making it look like the movies. For me, I wouldn't be able to pull off Vader, a Storm trooper or any of the larger characters because it wouldn't look right. I get my hair up into my wig currently but it takes a lot of coaxing. Anything involving a full bald cap (Ventress, maul, Savage) would be ruled out.
However, I'd make a great Jawa due to my build, along with an ewok, Leia, or Rey. Smaller more athletic characters.


Strength: Hahahaahhaa, we actually have a 6+ ft. Jawa in Star Garrison. I believe Yoda said, "Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not." 
Many of us in the legion joined  to help give back to our communities. What's one memorable moment that you have with your Mara Jade?

Squid: I find the taller the Jawa, the more huggable. But the smaller ones seem to be more mischievous and sneaky which always makes for a good laugh. 

My favourite moments are at events where kids are too scared to come near us, until they see me. Even though I'm a 'bad guy' they can see my face and realise I'm just a kid in dress up. They'll shyly make their way over, hold my hand and get a picture, not knowing the other scary ones are in the background too.
Although my favourite moment hands down was at our star Wars weekend two years ago, during the parade when this big burly dude yelled out "holy shit, that's Mara Jade" and then turns to his teenage daughter to tell her that that's where she got her namesake  was amazing! He came to see me after gushing about the moment


Strength: THAT'S an amazing moment. One of my co-workers actually named his daughter Mara Jade as well. There aren't very many characters in the Star Wars universe that children are named after.
Anything you would like to add about Flagship Eclipse or Mara Jade?

Squid: That's amazing! It's such a cute name

I love being a part of my Garrison, the multiple detachments and the legion. I've made friends worldwide that I wouldn't have beforehand. My Garrison is incredibly supportive and inclusive with everyone (I wear hearing aids, and it's not been a problem with any of my costumes or troops) I love the sense of belonging. 
Becoming Mara Jade on weekends shows that it doesn't matter what job you have, or your personality, you can be this incredible fiesty girl!! Stand strong


Strength: An amazing message from an amazing individual. Thank you so much for your time on this interview, Squid. And May the force be with you!

Squid: And you to! Thank you!!!




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