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August 2019 - Paul Strength, DZ-31201

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Comm-Tower Spotlights: August 2019

We’re pleased to introduce you to The Flagship Eclipse member DZ-31201; otherwise known as Strength!

Strength is from Star Garrison (North Texas Squad), and is our TFE Member in the spotlight for this month’s Newsletter!
He took some time to have a chat with Nina / DarthValkyria, our TFE DL.




DV: Thanks for your time, Paul! I know you're busy being a teacher with the start of the school year again. So, when did you join the Legion and what was your first costume? 

Strength: I was approved in July of 2016. my first costume was a TK, I finished it in a month. Netflix and trim, all the time.


DV: Sounds like an efficient use of time! When did you decide to make your A'Sharad and why?

Strength: I've always found it really interesting that there are far more Jedi in the Star Wars Universe than most of the general public and fan base know of. So when I found out there was a Tusken Jedi, it actually intrigued as to how they looked and how that worked.

After finding out his whole story about his father, Order 66, his fight with Obi-Wan, I was truly blown away by this individual., and it was solidified when I found out that later he killed a bunch of Sith as Darth Krayt.

I really found his story interesting with its ups and downs and different turns. He's a pretty dynamic and in-depth character when you really see where he came from, the paths and choices he took, and where he ended up.

Also, I can just wear his helmet and not have to shave my beard. I hate having to shave my beard.


DV: The least amount of actual physical alterations the better! Is he your dream costume, or is there another that has your attention?

Strength: Hhhhhmmmmmm, while I'm currently building my C2-B5 droid... for a character on the Imperial, or bad person, side I think it would be Darth Krayt. What has that costume, I think it's super interesting the transition from a Jedi to a Bounty Hunter to a Sith Lord, but it would be really interesting to have A'Sharad and then Krayt in my costume closet. 

For Rebel characters I would definitely love to do Mythos Obi-Wan Kenobi. I wouldn't have to shave my beard for it either!


DV: It would be interesting to have both given their history!

Strength: Heck yeah!


DV: So as TFE's Graphics Officer, what have been the hardest and most rewarding moments to date?

Strength: That’s an interesting question to ask, I never think about these things.

I want to say the hardest moments are when your OCD kicks in and drives us all insane. HAHAHhahahahahaa, but that's not really an issue. You and I get along GREAT and work really well together. 

The hardest moments are mostly time related. You and I game-plan the merch that we want to put out. We have SO MANY great ideas, but we are also merch junkies and know not to overwhelm the members. I WISH we had the time to make all the merch we have come up with. 

Also, I’m a teacher. My school kids come first, and you have been amazingly fantastic at understanding that. We usually spend the summer months knocking out merch…and ideas like Darth Nihil-hiss. I still remember the conversation of adding a bell to his collar so the other force users will hear him coming.

As for rewarding, that’s weird to me. I’m proud of what I make, I’ll never put something out I’m not proud of, or wouldn’t want my name on. It is always great when you and the TFE staff dig my designs, but I enjoy seeing the members get excited about something we put together for them.


DV: Yeah, my OCD can definitely be a pain in the ass, and I appreciate how well you've worked with me on it! Also we definitely have fun on projects! Darth Nihil-Hiss is also probably one of my favorite moments given my love of puns, Sith Lords, and cats. So, what has been your favorite design(s) you've done?

Strength: That would normally be a hard question to answer, but I DO have one…or two. It’s a tie.

The 2nd racing shirt was the first one that I couldn’t believe became a reality. I was so stoked to make other detachments jealous, and it worked. The images of Korriban we used were just so beautiful I had to have them showcased on the shirt.
The 13th anniversary is my other. It was a team build with you but all I could see was the lightsabers making the roman numeral 13. It ended up being FAR better than I imagined.


DV: I'm glad that idea was able to come to fruition on both the shirt and patch! The publishing company was nice enough to let us use the images for the shirt. So, do you have any advice for other members?

Strength: Hhmmmm, always follow your dr...no. 
Always look on the bright side of lif....nnaaahhhh. 
Be cool, wrap your to, no no no. 

In all honesty, I live by the quote from my favorite book series; "Don't panic." Having trouble finding a piece of a costume? 
Don't Panic.

Run into a snag, literally or figuratively, with your build? 
Don’t Panic.

Someone ate the last taco without checking to see if you wanted it? 
Don’t punch them, but don’t panic either. 

Keep a calm head and the solutions will be easier to see.


DV: Hahaha! I can't guarantee the taco part, but a great motto to live by. Lastly, anything you'd like to add about TFE or A'Sharad?

Strength: I'm elated at the liveliness and activity since joining the Detachment. I'm talking to more TFE members about the Detachment, costumes, etc. 



DV: Rofl, I guess we will see! Thanks again for doing this interview!

Strength: Sure thing!



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