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July 2019 - Dave Kreyling SL- 12716

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       Comm-Tower Spotlights: July 2019

                                  We’re pleased to introduce you to The Flagship Eclipse member SL-12716; otherwise known as Darth Shinzu. 

                     Darth Shinzu is from Garrison Carida in Pennsylvania, US , and is our TFE Member in the spotlight for this month’s Newsletter!
                      He took some time to have a chat with Lynnae/Lissakins our TFE HR Officer. 






Lissahkins: Thanks for your time to do this little interview Darth Shinzu! 
DS:  No problem! I am super happy to be in TFE finally.

Lissah: OH? 
DS: YES! I think this is the best detachment because all the cool costumes are here in TFE. 

Lissah: I AGREE FULLY! On that note where did you start out with the 501st? What was your first costume? 
DS: Sandtrooper was my first costume with the 501st in about 2016. I have been wanting to dress as SOMETHING from Star Wars forever, but kinda stumbled on my Pennsylvania garrison. I had no idea what I was doing building a costume but they got me pointed in the right direction. 

Lissah: That is awesome. I think a lot of us got started that way. I know I did, lol! What made you want to do the Starkiller: Dark Lord's Armor (Hoth) ? 

DS: I LOVED The Force Unleashed and instantly fell in love with the character. I would have gone with that from the beginning if I knew it was an option. But, as you know, starting off in the 501st we don't always know ALL the costumes that can be done. I also have a tusken and jawa but I really had to do this costume. Now that I have it I almost want to sleep in it! HAHA! 

Lissah: Yeaaahhh that might not be too comfortable with the armored pieces but I get the sentiment. LOL! 

DS: He just has so much cool stuff, Starkiller is definitely my ultimate costume. I want to make the desert version next. 
Lissah: We have people in our group that have done that one too, so ask for advice if you need it (that goes for all you readers as well). 

Lissah: Did you have any costume experience before the sandy? 
DS: NOPE! None, I started out blind. Now I am here ahah making plans for more.

Lissah: Speaking of, how did you go about building Starkiller? 
DS: Well, it was a lot of research. Looking at the costume in the game from every angle. Then getting parts made either by hand or with 3d print files. It was a long process but I think completely worth it! I was able to even find things in the game that were details left off the CRL- which made approval a little harder but in the end I had a more accurate and visually appealing costume. 
(above)- Working on the helmet. 
(below) - some of the belt and saber assembly. 


Lissah: Dang, that is a lot of great work. I know we are all very pleased when we can take all that detail work and turn it into something awesome. Great job! The attention to detail won't go unnoticed, it always makes for a more impressive costume. 

Lissah: What was the first troop  you did with your Starkiller costume? 60220286_2335435789874895_7055745121085554688_n.jpg
DS: Adamstown Library- it was a lot of fun. 

Lissah: Any stand out favorite troops so far? 
DS: Probably the Lehigh Valley Comic Con because people recognized my costume and were super excited to talk about it. Kids don't usually recognize Starkiller, but their parents will, LOL! I love that. Even if only one person recognizes it- that is a success. 



Lissah: Awesome! I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me today. Can't wait to see your progress with more TFE Costumes! 

Darth Shinzu: Thank you! I am happy to help and can't wait to get to know everyone


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