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Darth Malgus (CRL Update needed)

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Greetings Flagship Members, 

I wanted to point out a couple of issues that I feel is important to review....

The C.R.L. Standard costume which I have the Original template from Wicked Armor, really needs to become updated in the description threw all 501st Legions Forum´s and Homepages World Wide.

Since the character is an expansion Sith Legend, and is reviewed threw the F.E.D I think it´s about time for an update.

Since Wicked Armor will be making new merchandise this year and had a dormant stage in the character, it is advisable to gather the complete information on parts and accessories of the costume.

No disrespect towards other Cos Play builders who attempt to make there own templates and mold there craft in ideas, but i think the original prop issue is a delicate matter and a huge investment for those who want to go all the way.

There for should be a standard of Integrity for the character before it becomes a Jawa prop issue, in meaning there is a definite big issue on people who attempt to make a Jawa costumes, which is one of the easiest characters to do for a reasonable budget to get in for membership threw the Garrisons. However not every Jawa really fits the bill.

To my acknowledgement I think there is 3 original  Darth Malgus authentic prop members, including myself at the time threw out the whole World.

For those who are interested in becoming the character and are willing to invest a budget between 3,5-5,5 K,  I think it is only fair to warn the people what they are getting into and have a complete updated information formula for those who want to invest.

With Parts, Materials, Electronics,3-D Molds, and of course Synthetic Mask´s.

Biggest issue the Health Hazards and safety warning precautions upon Trooping as the character, and getting dressed with help assistance.

Do not think it´s an average Vader costume that you can get ready within 60 minutes time, forget it! 

Just being real and honest on the criteria of the character.














With Obi Wan Ben Kenobi.jpg


Michael Breunig Profile Pic (Darth Malgus).jpg

D.Malgus (No Cape,Respirator,Hood) Back Left Angle.jpg


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Thanx for this info Rep Com! As you may be aware, we are currently reviewing several of the TFE CRLs at the moment and Malgus is one that I'm working on. I appreciate you doing some of the leg work on this and I will be adding this to the mountain of references I am sifting thru

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The Malgus CRL needs a lot of updating. I had to go back and forth on what e1594715941103b9f683e460f0ba00af.jpgwas acceptable...very frustrating, but getting approved was awesome!

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Nice job and thanks for the info. To be clear, Vader takes 6 months to three years to complete and will cost $2500 - $6500 USD.

ROTS Vader

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