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June 2019 - Daisy van Rijn, SL-86110

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Comm-Tower Spotlights: January 2018

We’re pleased to introduce you to The Flagship Eclipse member SL-86110; otherwise known as Cookiedala!

Cookiedala is from the Dutch Garrison, and is our TFE Member in the spotlight for this month’s Newsletter!
She took some time to have a chat with Deb / Zoomi, our TFE Executive Officer.




Zoomi: Thanks for your time to do this little interview Cookiedala! 

Cookiedala: Sure thing! I love my Flagship Eclipse Costume!


Zoomi: So was Lana Beniko your first costume in the 501st Legion?

Cookiedala: My first Legion costume was Juno Eclipse. I had planned to make the Seventh Sister my second costume, but when I hit a brick wall with the progress on that, I decided to try and make something with less complicated hard parts.


Zoomi: How did you go about preparing to make the costume?

Cookiedala: I've taken about a dozen screenshots of the ingame costume and I downloaded a 3d model someone had released of Lana Beniko. I knew there were some small inaccuracies with the model, but it was so easy to be able to view the separate parts in a 360.

I made patterns based on the 3d models from cardboard and then cut the armour parts out of PVC that I got at the local hardware store. For the soft parts it was much easier; I had a lot of dark grey canvas fabric laying about and I used that to make the majority of the costume with some accents in a lighter grey cotton.

The pants were made from a black denim with the bands made out of grey elastic that's stitched only in a few spots to keep it in place. I made the belt and the boot straps out of leather. The shirt was store bought.


Zoomi: Did anything specific draw you to create a costume for Lana?

Cookiedala: Apart from having played Star Wars the Old Republic for a while, I have always wanted to have a female Sith costume that was feminine and armoured. At the time I started the build I also had white blonde hair. When my housemate at the time offered me a bunch of leather belts, I realised I had the majority of the materials so it was an easy choice.


Zoomi: So you’d made Juno eclipse first; had you any costuming experience beforehand?

Cookiedala: I started sewing about 12 years ago, because I wanted to have dresses that actually fit me. The first costume I ever made was a Fallout Vault suit, because I wasn't sure if I would be comfortable with something further from my daily-self. The second costume I ever made was Kylo Ren, bit of a gap between the two in terms of how difficult they are to make.


Zoomi: What advise would give someone looking to make a Lana Beniko costume?

Cookiedala: I would advice anyone that is interested in making a Lana Beniko costume to make a build thread on the Flagship Eclipse forums, collect loads of screenshots and do a lot of research on how to make the armour parts.


Zoomi: Can you recall the first troop you did as Lana?

Cookiedala: It was Elfia in the Castle Gardens of Arcen in 2017. I remember my shins wouldn't stay on with the way I strapped them.


Zoomi: Hahaha! There is always something that needs to be tweaked with every costume. Do you have a stand out memory trooping?

Cookiedala: That would be the Star Wars in concert troop in Eindhoven alongside our very impressive Lord Vader. Hearing the music performed by the talented International Symphonic Orchestra from Lviv will give any Star Wars fan chills.


Zoomi: Ooooh! That's awesome!! Do you have anything else you’d like to add about TFE / Lana and costuming?

Cookiedala: I want to thank the Flagship Eclipse Detachment for taking an interest in my Lana Beniko costume. It is both an honour and a joy to be part of one of the most creative Detachments in the Legion.

I love seeing everyone be so creative and inspired when it comes to making their Legends costumes become more then Legends, it makes all the costumers Legendary.

If any future Lana Beniko's ever want any hints or advice, please send me a message and I am happy to help!


Zoomi: Thanks again!

Cookiedala: Any time!




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