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May 2019 - Lindsay Bertrand DZ-33742

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Comm-Tower Spotlights: May 2019


We’re pleased to introduce you to The Flagship Eclipse member DZ-33742; otherwise known as Lindsay Bertrand / DocAphra!

LIndsay is our TFE Member in the spotlight for this month’s Newsletter! She took some time to have a chat with Lynnae / Lissahkins, one of TFE's HR Officers.

Lissahkins: Thanks for taking the time to chat with me, Lindsay. How was your May the 4th?

Lindsay: CRAZY! I tried to do 3 days worth of trooping and ended up getting to do the big troop at the aquarium,  and that marked the 1 year anniversary of our garrison on May the 4th. IT WAS HUGE AND CROWDED, crazy and my kids and husband were not amused, but way fun for me. We got to meet a penguin as a garrison as a treat from the Aquarium. But I did trooping on May 2nd 3rd and 4th! HAHA! 

Lissahkins: Dang thats a lot of trooping lady! We have something like that here, "The Gauntlet" and its NUTS, lol!

Lindsay: 1000 miles of trooping in 3 days! *insert the 500 miles song here*

Lissahkins: That is one huge amount of trooping in 3 days, haha!

Lissahkins: What was your first legion costume? Aphra? 

Lindsay:  Aphra was the first costume. I had my "Ebay Rey" that was kind of the test into the waters, trying to see if I wanted to do it getting out of my comfort zone. So Rey was the first but Aphra was my first Legion. 

Lissahkins:  How long after " Ebay Rey" did you get your TFE costume approved?

Lindsay: started building Aphra after Louisville Super Con. I had gotten everything with Aphra together (mostly)  for the next con, got added to a group for newbies to build and get going on my costume and trooping. I had everything ready by January at Fankfurt Con. Almost cried when our Vader wanted a pic with me! I WAS SO EXCITED! APHRA AND VADER TOGETHER!  But that is how I met a lot of people was thru my approval process including Nina and Erika. Got REAL Rey done not to long after that in April haha! I also have Admiral Holdo done just have to make some corrections and that'll be done too! 

Lissahkins:  It's so great when you get into a group that feels like they are welcoming you and helping out. It sounds like youre doing a lot of costumes now across all legions thats so awesome! 

Lissahkins: What would your dream TFE costume be?? 

Lindsay:  Well Aphra is now my favorite because I did so much research and we have so much in common personality wise. I love that she was hacking things, stealing parts, and scavenging. So a lot like Rey but I don't get the constant comparisons to other Reys where there are a ton of them. I get to be myself and I really feel in my skin as her. Learning about her in the comics and interacting with everyone, constantly back and forth and playing both sides of the coin. I love it! 

Lissahkins:  I can totally understand that. Aphra is definitely a unique costume that not a lot of people do. Kind of the reason why I picked Visas for myself. It's so different! 

Lissahkins: Doesn't necessarily have to be TFE related- but who is your favorite Canon or Non-Canon Star Wars Character and why? 

Lindsay: 100% kylo ren. I love him, he's my boy. I am totally making a Kylo Ren Mando next! HAHAHAHA! 

Lissahkins: As someone who has multiple costumes, what do you think is the best way to get started on the dream costume?
Lindsay:  Throw yourself into it and do all the things. Ask for help, I got a lot of help from Nina and others in the TFE staff while I was building Aphra. I can't thank them enough for pointing me to the right path. 
Lissahkins: Our staff does their best to help out where we can. Thank you so much for taking the time to work with me for this interview!  




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