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April 2019- Michael Zanandrea SL- 2937

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Lissahkins: Thanks for taking the time to chat with me, Michael. To start off with, how did you find out about the Legion and the Flagship Eclipse?

Michael: with 501st legion they've been around a long time- I loved star wars, even as a kid. I watched all the Star Wars videos ON TAPE as a kid. Then my sister got into the rebel legion and 501st legion in 2007- at the time there was not a Flagship Eclipse because at the time everything that is now EU was the canon of the time. So I didn't really "find" TFE until I made my Starkiller Costume.  

LK: Sounds like what happened to me, I didn't know what TFE really was until later on.  What was your first 501st costume? 

Michael: Well after my sister introduced me to the legion - I decided on an Imperial Officer. It's one of those iconic costumes that is easier to get in with - because there's not a whole lot to it, just sourcing the boots etc can be a bit difficult. 

LK:  How long after did you get your TFE costume approved?

Michael:A few years later when my family decided to get a PS2 we got Star Wars The Force Unleashed- which as you know, features my costume. In fact, had we not gotten the PS2 I would not have gotten the version of my costume that I have in Flagship as it was a Playstation exclusive for Starkiller. A the time I made my costume there were only 16 of us with my specific costume, now there are only 10, I think that still are around. Makes 
it a very unique and exclusive costume club. 

LK: Yeah, when I finally figured out what costume I wanted it kinda fell into The Flagship Eclipse, little did I know it would consume my life for the better- HAHA! 

LK: What would your dream TFE costume be?? 

Michael: Ooooh now, there's games that have come out and other canon and non canon to pull from...I think Revan would be the next go to for me. EVERYONE loves REVAN. Let's make Revan canon!

Lk: We may actually get that with the Star Wars the Old Republic movie trilogy announcement at SWCC- that would be amazing! We all want Revan! 
LK: Doesn't necessarily have to be TFE related- but who is your favorite Canon or Non-Canon Star Wars Character and why? 

Michael: Out of sheer power of what we have seen in books/movie/video game on the dark side Nihilus because DUH consumer of worlds...but as far as most balanced power in cunning/combat/force etc- two that I love are Revan and Starkiller.  Starkiller pulling down an entire ship and ripping apart that is so cool. But for presence wise- Kylo/Vader and Nihilus for their physical look and presence in the scenes they're in. They're just so ominous! 

LK: As someone who has multiple costumes, what do you think is the best way to get started on the dream costume?

Michael: Do whatever you have the resources for, but figure out what motivates you. Look at what you have around you and gets your wheels turning kinda like Starkiller and Kylo did for me. ALWAYS CHECK THE REFERENCES. GET ALL THE REFERENCE PHOTOS. LEAKED FOOTAGE. WATCH THINGS A MILLION TIMES to build it the right way the first time. May take a lot of time and help- but you can do with money or skill- it doesn't matter. Just do what you love! 

LK: Absolutely, and doing what we love is what we are all about here. Thank you for talking to me today Michael! Let us know when you are ready to Revan it up! 



If you are interested in being interviewed for a future issue, you can email 

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