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Hello everyone,
As promised, today I am launching the fourth run of my custom holocrons. As the run title suggests, this time I am offering all of my designs except the Great Holocron (that one is undergoing a revision). I have also added in some new models. In Total, this run features 3 different Jedi cubes, and 7 different Sith pyramids.

Please see the pricing sheet below. For each holocron, please specify a panel color (or an inner and outer panel color in the case of the jedi cube), a frame color, and a crystal type. See the materials and the crystal section for details. Please include order/material/color/crystal details in the notes along with your shipping address. When I receive payment, I add you to the run list. I will notify you when your holocron is on the bed, when it is done, and when it ships. You will get a picture of the finished holocron(s) and a tracking number.


SITH HOLOCRONS (all models): $27
DELUXE SITH HOLOCRONS (all models): $45
MATERIAL UPGRADE: $2 each for standard holocrons $3 each for deluxe holocrons
RGB/REMOTE UPGRADE: $8 (+$4 for each additional on same remote).

STANDARD SIZE: 1-2 holocrons- $9 CONUS, +$3 per holocron after 2
DELUXE SIZE: 1 holocron- $9 CONUS, +$3 per holocron after 1

Send Payments via PayPal to Rdobbshead@gmail.com or use the paypalme link www.paypal.me/DarthCephalus(either payment option on PayPal works). Each holocron is made to order, so I will work my way down the list as fast as can. First orders place will be the first orders filled.


The Jedi Holocron V4
The standard Jedi holocron has had a bit of work done. The new design features the abbreviated jedi code in aurebesh around the outside and a new two toned panel. The outer panel may be ordered in any color. Non translucent colors will partly block the light making it primarily shine through the center aperture. Translucent colors will blend with the main panel. For reference, the two in the main image are glow in the dark green on glow in the dark blue and purple on red. The jedi holocron can be ordered without the two tone panel for $5 less than the listed price.

The Mortis Cube
Concieved by Richard Gragorace, inspired by the designs on the Mortis painting in Rebels, which were inspired by the Mortis gods in Clone Wars, this is a perfect Holocron for a Mortis Ahsoka. Used correctly, I see no reason it could not unlock a world between worlds. Featuring the hands of the Father, the Son, and the Daughter, the symbols for light and dark, a symbol for force unity, and the fulcrum sigil, this is the only holocron design to have all different sides. Each one comes with painted accents to bring out the subtleties of the print. Accent paint is available in Gold, Silver, and Copper.

The Cube of Metatron
A crossover cube, this cube is based on the Cube of Metatron as seen in sacred geometry. It's frames sport a 3D concept of a cube with a circle around each of the vertices, represented as a 2D figure, rendered into a 3D holocron. That makes it a truly meta cube...(see what I did there).

The Holocron of Heresies
The holocron of Darth Andeddu, this holocron held the sith lord's lightsaber crystal as well as the knowledge of how to cheat death by transferring one's spirit to another body. The most recognized of all holocron designs, this is my current version of the holocron I offered in the first three runs. The ancient Sith text on the frame reads "Power, Passion, Order" being a version of the Sith code adapted for a Sith monarch.

The Holocron of Revenge
This is a new design and I think we all know who this one belongs to. Containing the secrets of the dark side and serving as a treasure trove of Sith rituals, Revan's holocron features the symbol of the revanchist, Revan's insignia (derived from the Star Forge) and a Sith star. It also features some embedded frame design that is not seen on any of the other models.

The Holocron of Hunger
The holocron of Darth Nihilus, this holocron holds the spirit of the Lord of Hunger and can impart his knowledge of how to escape death by binding one's spirit to objects (do you sense a pattern here?). Nihilus used this skill to bind his spirit to his mask and armor; what will you use it for? This holocron features a Sith Triumvirate seal and a framed circular pattern that surrounds a vortex-like circuitry design with a Sith star worked into the middle. The text in the frame reads "I am a wound in the Force, more presence than flesh, and in my wake life dies" from a statement about Darth Nihilus attributed to his apprentice Visas Marr. This holocron was offered in run #3, but has been revised a bit and is now only offered in the concave version pictured.

Holocron of the Viper
The holocron that contains the secret origins of the rule of two.This Holocron's frame is adapted from the unclear image of the Holocron of Darth Bane as seen in the Legacy Comics. The panels feature aurebesh text that reads "there must only be two, no more no less" and "Equality is a lie". The top portions features a design of two different sith stars coming together in the middle to make the emblem flanked by patters taken from Bane's signature eye designs.

Holocron of the Dragon
The Holocron of Darth Krayt, this holocron contains records of the establishment of the One Sith. The asymmetrical frame pattern is based on Krayt's organic Vong Helmet, and his mismatched eyes. The text reads "One Sith" in ancient Sith script.

The Necroholocron
The Dread Lord Cthulhu! This crossover design, in honor of the ultimate victory over death itself, features a frame in the style of the Simon Elder Sign from the Necronomicon holding in check a holocron surface covered in a tentacle pattern. We should be glad that it is there because whatever is in this holocron wants out. Atop the design is a glowing sigil of the three lobed burning eye; its purpose, as the motivation of the crawling chaos himself, remains a mystery. This design is also offered with a special exclusive crystal chamber for those brave enough to release the horror inside. This chamber features a small crucible with a glowing core surrounded by rising tentacles.

The Holocron of the Dark Knight
Need I say more about this one? This holocron offers a special crystal chamber in the form of a signal.

The crystals
Each holocron comes with an LED crystal core. These are available in four models (5 for the Necroholocron or the Dark Knight): V1 (a crystal cluster), V2 (a fine lattice), V3 (a thick lattice), and V4 (a large single crystal).

The Sith Models are again being offered in the standard size as seen in the past runs, and also as a deluxe model from run 3 that features greater size and a greater level of detail. The deluxe models are 20% bigger, but that 20% makes a big difference. They are also printed slower and one piece at a time to increase quality. The crystal chambers are housed inside an adapter housing that matches the frame material. Sorry but there is no deluxe option for the cubes as yet.

As an option again on this run, each holocron can come with a colored crystal as a standard offering, or with a clear/frosty crystal that holds an RGB. This upgrade comes with a remote control to power on and off and switch between 12 different colors. It also features color cycle options and adjustable brightness. This upgrade makes the chamber a bit bigger, so it only works in the deluxe models or with the cluster or single crystal core in the standard size models. All the remotes control all the LED units so if you want to save a bit, I can send a single remote with orders of multiple RGB holocrons.


These colors are offered without additional charge. Standard colors are transparent red, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow, or smoky and opaque silver, gold, black, or white.

These colors come with the additional upgrade material charge listed in the pricing. That charge applies for each upgraded color chosen. Upgraded colors are glow in the dark green, blue, and orange and opaque antique silver, antique gold, painted gunmetal, bronze fill, aluminum fill, and wood fill.

Edited by DarthCephalus

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Definitely interested in ordering a holocron, but the picture links in the thread aren't working. Do you have any updated pictures?

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