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So lately, I have taken to designing a bunch of limited run Holocrons. I wanted some for my costumes but was unhappy with the designs that were out there, so I made my own. Where there was source material, I tried to draw from it, where there was not, I tried to go with iconography that was recognizable. I thought I would create a general thread here to showcase the ones specific to the EU and show people what I have come up with.

First up was my Holocron of Heresies. This is a pretty standard design of the most recognizable holocron in SWU. It is the holocron of Darth Addedu.

Second is my Holocron of Revenge. This is an original design for a holocron that goes with Revan. I think you will recognize a lot of the iconography

Third is my Holocron of Hunger. This is another original design for a holocron to go with Darth Nihilus

Forth is one I made after I caught the bug for doing it. It is the Holocron of the Viper. This is a Darth Bane Model. It is based on the Darth Bane holocron seen in the Legends series in the possession of Darth Krayt

Fifth is, coincidentally the Holocron of the Dragon. This one is meant to be the holocron of Darth Krayt, for which I found no visual reference. I went off the pattern on his helmet, some one sith iconography, and his asymmetrical eyes.

Finally is a holocron I completed as a commission and then retooled a bit. This one is the Mortis Cube. I see it as a good holocron for a Mortis Ahsoka. It has images from the Mortis Tapestry in Rebels along with the Fulcrum symbol.


I am working on a Xoxan and a couple others as of this post. If I complete them, I will post them here for people to see. If anyone wants one of these printed, hit me up and we can talk about it, or catch me on FB.








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Created this recently. This one bumps the holocron Of herasies out of the earliest chronological spot. The holocron Of Naga Sadow. Design based on the idea of a sith wyrm and the naga sadow insignia since there was no visual reference for his holocron. 





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On 3/13/2019 at 5:49 AM, Nihilus83 said:

How much for the Nihilus one :)

Sendt fra min VTR-L29 med Tapatalk

sent you a PM with some details

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