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January 2019 - JD Garrahy, DS-66682

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Comm-Tower Spotlights: January 2018

We’re pleased to introduce you to The Flagship Eclipse member DS-66682; otherwise known as JD!

JD is from Redback Garrison, and is our TFE Member in the spotlight for this month’s Newsletter! He took some time to have a chat with Deb / Zoomi, our TFE HR Officer and Comm-Tower Administrator.




Zoomi: Thanks for your time JD! First of all, how did you find our about the 501st Legion / The Flagship Eclipse?

JD: Going to conventions, I would always see the 501st fundraising for various charities, I wanted to become a part of something greater than myself and give back to the community. The fact I can look as awesome as Savage Opress is a big plus.


Zoomi: So was Savage Opress your first Legion costume?

JD: No, my first was a TIE Reserve Pilot. Good entry level costume that can be progressed on to make other costumes. I then moved to a Shadow Guard and then back to a TIE while i built Savage.


Zoomi: Savage Opress ... JD I have to say, it truly is a spectacular costume. How long did it take to build?

JD: From research through to completion, roughly a year. Wanted to make it look as authentic and threatening as possible. If youre going to be a Dathomirian, you gotta look the part. Working with TK Supply Battalion on all the soft parts was one of the best, but very gruelling processes to the costume


Zoomi: How did you find the "New to the Legion" NTTL  process for approval?

JD: Its been a bit different for each costume I've done. Im privledged to be a part of a garrison that helps each other and strives for excellence in our costumes. I try to keep everything as accurate to the CRLs as possible when I'm building, but with Savage it was difficult as there are no images for the costume (at the moment). I talked a lot with Darth Valkyria throughout the whole build, constantly sending photos and asking for advice where applicable. I wanted to do it justice and I think all involved in the creation of it worked hard to help me achieve that goal.


Zoomi: How did members of Redback Garrison support you during the build?

JD: Constant encouragement and advice on what would be best to use for armour. TK Supply Battalion for the seamstress work on all the soft parts. Advice from our garrison Maul, Pecklez on all things make-up and prosthetics. Just a great support network that could assist in any way they could. I think a lot of them were as excited to see the end result as I was.


Zoomi: How did you tackle the make-up and prosthetics?

JD: A LOT of advice from Pecklez as well as professional advice from a make-up artist as to what products are best to use. For prosthetics, i bought a set of Savage horns (only ones i know that are available to buy pre-made) from Amber Brite Cosplay on Etsy. From there, it was a matter of trial and error and some fun nights of painting horns.


Zoomi: Brilliant! Do you think you would like to tackle any other TFE characters in the future?

JD: Ive always loved Darth Revan. Id like to do the KOTOR version. Hopefully, ill stop getting distracted by other costumes. It seems everytime i start planning the build out, an opportunity comes around that i cant pass up.


Zoomi: What event did you debut Savage Opress at? 

JD: Stormtrooper Weekend at Dreamworld. We had troopers from all over Australia and a few internationals attend. It was the last time that we had the chance to troop there so i wanted to make it special. He was VERY well received.




Zoomi: What has been your favourite memory to date in this costume? 

JD: Dreamworld is the only troop I've done in him so far. There was a lot of memorable moments. Friendships forged, children scared, the numerous selfies, being called a 'Shiny Maul' (Pokemon reference). And of course the infamous 'coat rack' incident. Im always one to entertain the troops and keep them in good spirits.



Zoomi: Any tips or advice you would give anyone looking to make this costume? 

JD: There is no cheap way to do this build. 'Leather like' material isnt going to cut it, nor is 'cotton'. Always go for leather and raw silk. Research the hell out of it. And if in doubt, ask me questions.


Zoomi: Anything else you would like to add about you, your costume, your time in the Legion or TFE Detachment? 

JD: Waterbased face paint is the best product ever invented!!

Always reach out to senior members for advice no matter how stupid you think the question is. And above all else, keep the passion for the hobby alive.

Do the small troops that will make a difference to even one person, even when fundraising isnt involved.

Take payment in high-fives and smiles, for they are what drives me to troop.


Zoomi: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me about your outstanding costume! You should be super proud of the work that has gone into this, you look absolutely outstanding. 

JD: Thanks! It was a great build.



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