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SWTOR Sith Acolyte for sale

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Approved SWTOR Sith Acolyte i did but got no time to wear and too many costumes right now, a lot of effort and planning was put into doing this up to look the best it can and also rig in a way that makes suiting up easy and can be done all by yourself in a short time.

I am 172cm tall and 65 kg. I added a lot of padding to make the fit look good once the robes go on, this can fit someone taller and bigger than me, no issues, there is a lot of room to play with.

Selling for $2100 USD without shipping. includes Armour, Helmet, neck seal, ab piece, robes, shoes, belt pouches, gloves, belt.

If you don't want the helmet i am willing to keep that and sell the rest of the set for $1600 USD

Armour: Maker is Wolfgang from Germany made of resin mix with some fiberglass but very light weight and durable from my experience. Spray painted with rustoleum dark steel, hand weathered with acrylic and airbrush techniques

Helmet: Custom 3D model Printed in PLA material, extremely light with mesh and padding. Sanded multiple times and filled 3D lines to smoothen surface Hand painted recess black lines, Spray painted with rustoleum dark steel, hand weathered with acrylic and airbrush techniques. Helmet is help together with magnets around the two halves.

Neck seal and Ab piece: Wolfgang, made of latex rubber, super comfortable and flexible, seating and bending in this costume wont be a problem.

Robes: Done locally after searching for the most suitable material, it was hard to find a suitable and desired material but i manage to find this Japan cotton blend that feels and looks a bit like velvet, very nice feel to it i promise. The red was brush on with red fabric paint to give a more weathered aged look.

Shoes: Normal work shoes with Velcro all attach to strap the boots armor on.

Pictures shows from my approval pictures to trooping days which has more updated weathering, feel free to ask me anything here or email me at tanjunliang369@hotmail.com










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Taking out the saber as part of the sale

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