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Dr. Aphra-Seeking help with Grey Jacket costume


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Greetings!  I am a newbie seeking guidance/assistance in putting together a Dr. Aphra-Grey Jacket costume (http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:DZ_Doctor_Aphra_Grey_Jacket).   Is there anyone who can be contracted to make some of these pieces, especially the aviator cap and goggles?  Any advice is much appreciated!

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I'm working on this costume for my girlfriend. We are also having a hard time finding the right aviator cap. From the references in the latest comics, this appears to be almost identical to a US Navy WWII Leather Aviator Helmet. Most of which are very expensive on eBay or in very poor shape. And even then, some modification might be necessary with cutting and glueing leather over the ear cups. I think I might be best off finding someone to make us one and would like to see if anyone else here has found someone to do it that they could recommend. 

I am also seeing alot of people getting approved with a black and red jacket as opposed to the CRL's grey and red. Most of these people are using some form of leather jacket that they've modified. In reading the comics, I'm definitely seeing it more black than grey.

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Around the holidays, I would not hold my breath for a reply, as many people are away from home for the Holidays.  Once people return home, you may have more luck with a response.

Where there is a will, there's a way! I am not saying this to be mean, but when I was new to the 501st, I asked for help with my starkiller hoth, and got 0% help, and I still made it!  Struggle builds character, it also feels good to accomplish something on your own without any help. This requires a lot more research on your part, but it's possible, trust me, if I can do it, anyone can. Learning from that experience, I now find sources for every item in a costume I am interested in, before I do anything else or even start the project.

You might try contacting people who have made this costume, and ask them where they got their stuff from.  Try ETSY shops, ebay, google, FB groups.

Per people being approved with something other than what is in the CRL. The CRL is a helping tool, and it may not be 100% accurate, or things may change with the art.  I would always use official reference sources if you have them, and submit those reference pics along with your application pics when applying.  Also note, We in the Detachment staff do not approve costumes, your local GMO/GML does.  So if you have a question, the best person to ask would be the person judging your costume.  If the GMO/GML has questions, they will submit pics and questions to us, and we will give our opinions to assist the GMO/GML, and then they will make their decision.


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