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Need specs for nightsister costume, please help


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Hi everyone,

I'm currently in the process of sewing my girlfriend a complete Night sister costume... I have experience sewing, made all my soft parts for my tk and boba.

I need specs for a few things however...

The 6 arm bands: need width

Shins: width and height

Chest/stomach medallions: exact sizes, dimensions of both.

I'm also an experienced model maker, was planning on making molds and casting the medallions in epoxy... If anyone can help me with the proper information, my girlfriend and I would be forever thankful! This is her first attempt at joining the 501st, I chose this costume for her because 1, seems easy. 2 it's very inexpensive to make. 3 she really wants to get involved with us.

Thanks again!


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I'm fairly confident that all of hose measurements are ones you need to determine based on your girlfriend's body. I recommend playing with paper to create patterns and check how they look on her. You need to make sure it proportionately looks good on her, not just some measurements other people's bodies need.



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Exactly. As your girlfriend is not an animated character these things should all be proportionate to her frame, based on the reference. 


We made LadyB's medallions from Sintra. Be sure you get material that is a good match for the costume, both the crumbled red and grey are unique.


As to the three.

1. I suppose based on some. As it is a fitted design care in tailoring is important. 

2, All relative to how it is made. 

3. Excellent, glad to have her be involved. :)

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