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To all members of TFE,

Due to the quick response from everyone and a rough estimate only left us $20 short of our goal of $240. I am posting the Donation page now. Thank you to EVERYONE that pledged.

This thread will be locked and a list of members who donated and how much will be posted at LEAST every other day. (Darth Reallife does its thing sometimes.) At full collection a complete list of what was donated and refunded (if needed) will be posted for full disclosure. An electronic receipt will also be posted for the new software.

1. Please Donate what you can. $5, $10, whatever. It will all help.
2. Place your forum ID in the message box and how much you gave.

Why Donate?

The new phpbb software 3.1.x is not compatible with the previous version and we simply just can't keep the current version the forum software.

If we do upgrade to the 3.1.x we will lose all funtionailty with all add ons and forum themes once the upgrade happens. And that means the gallery will be available but no one will be able to log into it via their forum logins. Images will no longer pop up when linked and the mobile version will go away along with our current look. Which also means that the images already posted will expand to their full resolution eliminating the proper viewing of the image within the forum container. Not only is that a major cosmetic snafu but also is not a user friendly way for people to view very large images.

I want to upgrade to IP Board and IP Gallery. If we are going to lose our forum theme then we should lose it to something that has a myriad of design options that can fit with what we want. Such as Badges, Awards, News Feed, Auto-Image resize and pop-up for full resolution, and etc. The new software will be fully customizable and we will have plenty of ways to modify it to what we want and need as a detachment.

However it will cost $240 for the software but it does come with better support. It would be licensed to us for 6 months and would cost $35 every 6 months to maintain full support. However if we were to not pay the $35 It would still have full functionality, we would just lose any updates that would be released. But we could also pay the $35 at our leisure to receive the updates. This would add $140 to our two year cost of $143.76 making our two year cost of: $283.76 USD or €249.13. I think we could get that easily from donations.

If JUST the 501st Members (295 People) donated $ 0.96 (€ 0.86) we could achieve that total.
If JUST the TFE Mebers (119 People) donated $ 2.38 (€ 2.13) we could achieve that total.

This is a 2 YEAR COST! We only have to pay this every two years!

I am asking for $5 from 57 people. If you want to give more, then you may. All donations will be tracked if you give and you will be recognized for your contribution to the site.

More information for you:

All of our current content would be able to be pulled over to the new software. IPBoard offers a converter to ensure all content from phpbb AND Coppermine Gallery can be converted to their Software. So no loss of content!

The old saying you get what you pay for is true. PHPBB was free and it did give us options but the changeover would make us start from scratch. Plenty of other Detachments and Garrisons have updated to IPBoard and I think it is time we do it to.

Please take the time to post below what you would be willing to give to the cause. Thank you for your time.

In your service:
Mike Harshbarger
TFE Webmaster

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Donated. Twice in error but...yay! It's going to a good cause at least!

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Confirmation number: 5M609253ED301672L

Donation amount: $20.00 USD

Total: $20.00 USD

Purpose: The Flagship Eclipse Forums



Looking forward to seeing the new software at work.

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We are now sitting at $226.59 since my message came out. Screenshot of Donors is below. It reflects the amount before I sent out the mass email today.



Almost there guys!


Proposed Timeline:


08MAR15 - Donations Finish


20MAR15 - Design Purchased and Modified for TFE Look.


15APR15 (Before I leave for CVII) - Design finished and tested.


30APR15 - New Forum in place.


Of course this is all proposed. The plan is to have two forums running simultaneously. One active and one not. This is to give a seamless transition. The database will be copied and modified for the new one. So it will not interfere with active operations here. This one will be tested to ensure that everything looks and acts as it should before the final Database update/changeover and the shutdown of the phpbb board.






We are now at $226.59!


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Here is the final updated list. It doesn't include everyone on this one because their names were on the previous picture and the IPBoard Receipt.



Since not everyone gave their username please PM me your paypal address and your forum username so I can add you to a special group!



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