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Naasad's Training Gear

Naasad Tal

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Greetings Ner Vod!


New here, but not to costuming. I've been an official member with the Mercs since 2010 (been an officer with them since 2012) & back in may I pulled the trigger & submitted the app on the RC i've had for 3 years to the RL & The 501st (& was approved).


I have been thinking lately that it's time to do a "comfortable" Star Wars kit (meaning one with little to no armor) & I was originally looking at a generic armored Jedi, then a friend told me that I would make a good Starkiller & I remembered that I already had a set of training gear that I had done a few years before for halloween. So I have have brushed the dust off of that 3-day rush build & am researching what it's gonna take to bring it up to 501st/RL standards.


First off, here's what I did back in 2009 for halloween, the build took me a whopping 3 days & I think it came out pretty decent...





Looking at reference pics on here & other sites I have a good idea of where I need to go from here. Most of the upgrades needed are to the soft parts (mostly switching everything from black to brown) & to the Clavicle armor (need to add the collar & redo the straps).


One of the first things I found was that Starkiller wears a gauntlet that I didn't even KNOW about, but I already have a plan for that. I am planning on putting my phone inside the gauntlet & using it for the display, but what I need is a good high res picture of the Gauntlet's Display. Does anyone have one or know where I can get one? I have a couple friends who are good with photoshop & I know the words that are supposed to be on the gauntlet & where they are supposed to be located in the display so if I need to, I can make one.


REALLY lookin forward to hearing what you guys think of what I have done so far & getting this kit up to par so I have a nice comfy kit for C7!


Thanx for looking!



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Did you consider looking at the 501st Costume Reference Library?

http://www.501st.com/databank/Costuming ... e_training


Escpecially this picture is pretty good for the gauntlet screen:

http://www.501st.com/mw501/images/b/b1/ ... untlet.jpg


I would not use your cell phone for this.

If you are going to make this yourself, I would use a red hardplastic glass, backlid with led(s). Just block out the black part with tape/paint/or whatever.


This guy also has a nice example:


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overall: everything should be a lot less black. the only black in the outfit should be the black undershirt, off which you can only see a very small part (avery very small part) where it is not covered by the V line of the Tunic

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Thanx for the input Rogue, I have been all thru the CRLs & didn't find a good pic of the display.


Just out of curiosity, why do you say not to use my phone? I've had ALOT of success with it in my mando & I had a friend work up a high res Starkiller display for it that looks amazing!


I will post pics of the gauntlet progress once I actually start on it.


Thanx again for the input & I look forward to further critiques & advice

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I am going to do a training gear as well, and I am choosing the cheap option, like I described it.

Let's be clear: I think your phone option would be really good, but I am just worried that while trooping, it might break. some folks out there are sometinmes a bit to enthousiastic/rough.


If that is not what you have experienced, while wearing your Mando...then who am I to say otherwise.

Just exploring the options here! :)


As soon as I have my stuff (still deciding where to buy what), I will make a trhead of my own.

Untill that time, I will be here thinking aloud about the hottest gear out there! (let's face it...Starkiller is a babe magnet! 8) )

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let's face it...Starkiller is a babe magnet! 8) )


Ladies love the "T" too ;)


With the housings I have built for my phone, they stay snug & secure & no one has ever gotten worked up enough that I have ever feared for the safety of my phone...hopefully I can get the gauntlet started soon & I'll have WIP pics to share


Thanx for the feedback Rogue!

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Wow, I'd totally forgotten I'd started this thread.


Not sure what the rules are on necro-posting, but I have decided Starkiller WILL happen this year & I'm hoping to have him ready for Phoenix Comic Con in June.


I've already started collecting the leather for the belts & will start assembling them soon, but I came upon something I can't find an answer to in the CRLs,how are belts attached to the side release clips? In the reference & CRL pics, I see no rivets, snaps or Chicago screws, which leaves stitching...but I don't see that either.


Can you guys give some ideas?



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What I did, was screw them on.

I drilled a hole (a little smaller then the screw) in the back of the clip. For the ornamental clips (where you would never hang a saber on, you can drill just a small hole. enough for the screw to just fit in 2-3 mm. this will be enoug to keep them in place. add a bit of glue, just to be sure.

For the utilised clibs, where you do want to hang a saber on, you actually need to drill all the way true. you will need to blacken the tip of the screw eventually, to obscure it a bit.

add some larger rivets, to prevent the screw to tear out the leather if you hang a saber on it.


Please do not forget to wheather both the belt as the clips. it will make your outfit that much more realistic. 'brand new' is not a word known to the Starwars universe.

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Greetings Programs! Long time no see, but rest assured I'm still working on Starkiller!


Couple weeks ago I bought myself half a cow & started working on my belts. I need to get them dyed, make the slide clasps & then start assembling them, but they are underway:



Next up is my collar...I went ahead & rebuilt it rather than updating my old one & I'm MUCH happier with it. I had an issue with my paint & I fear that I'm going to have to sand down the collar yet again & repaint, but here's what I have so far:



& finally, as I don't have the money at the moment for a proper saber hilt, I'm making one of my own out of PVC, definitely want to explore a metal one down the road, but this will have to do for now & it's not bad, if I do say so myself:



All in all I'm very happy with how things are going (despite the setbacks) & if all goes well, I'll have my fabric for the soft parts in a couple weeks. Till then, I have 6 belts & a collar to finish as well as the gauntlet to do so I've got plenty to work on.


Lemme know what you think & as always, comments & critiques are welcome.


Thanx for looking!

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So I apologize for the double post, but I made some more progress yesterday & wanted to share...


Hey guys, sorry for the double post, but it's update time again!!


Got the collar done:




I was also able to finish my saber hilt yesterday (had a productive day :P):



My next paycheck is a "free" one (3rd for the month so no rent or car payment) & it has a ton of OT on it so Im going to be getting my fabric & then start working on the soft parts, in the meantime I still need to finish the belts (something I plan to do this week) & then do the gauntlet.


As always, thanx for looking & I look forward to hearing thoughts & critiques!


Chris S.

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The back of the shoulder armor looks perfect, but if I were building this I might taper in the sides of the armor in the front. Note the references show the sides angle a bit inward in front, whereas yours is almost straight down on the sides.


To see your character model from a hundred different angles, http://s107.photobucket.com/user/Koda_Vonnor/library/TFU_USE_PC




~ vonnor

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