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  1. Hello i was looking for opinions on my Nihilus costume, i know that the crown is too high and is not attatched properly and im looking for a solution. Also need new gloves and to fix the knot for the cape. Also looking for tips on how to improve the hood.
  2. Hi everybody, thanks for the admission to the forum. I'm an Italica Stormtrooper ANH and I'm studying the Flagship Forum in search of some help for my next costume: Darth Nihilus COTF. I'd like to create the costume by myself but I need a tutorial for cutting and sewing the cloth. I found some link in the Forum to a "Scott & Pam" tutorial but in their website there is no tutorial for Nihilus. Thanks for any help. TK 26570
  3. Hello a while back I acquired ionicdesign's audio file for Darth Nihilus' voice. I have taken that file chopped it into 39 audio files and labeled them in three sections, short, medium, and long phrases. Then I wrote a c++ program that plays it upon button input to select the short medium or long functions. I'm also attempting to develop one in Python for use on raspberry pi (cause I learned windows dependencies don't work on pi) I am currently offering the full c++ program to do with as you wish including the chopped up audio with the original authors permission. Let me know if your interested. This code will be distributed free! if you find someone redistributing this for cost its definitely not from me!
  4. The text of the CRL says that "The obi is approximately 4 cm in width," which is about 1 1/2". In the detail photo, it seems to be closer to 10 cm (4"), and in the overview image, it looks closer to 20 cm (8"). Before I put scissors to fabric, is there any consensus on this, or does it appear differently in different scenes in the game?
  5. Greetings from the Far South of Canada! I'm working on a Nihilus KOTOR build, and have a question about the red stripes on the mask. I did a 3D print that I found on Thingiverse, and it has ridges where the red would go (see photo). Does anyone know offhand if that's a go/no go item, or if there's discretion at the level of the GML? Thanks for the assist/advice. Matt ID46221
  6. Hi! I got another question... I see lots of Nihiluses (Nihili?) here have lots of different masks. I originally wanted to 3D print mine, the one I have here as a profile picture, but... the file got corupted... It would take me a while to make it again. So, rather than remaking it, now I wish to purchase a Nihilus mask, which I think is the faster option. But which one should I buy? I saw a couple online that I really like, and I would like to get some opinions about this. The first one is the one offered by My Wicked Armor: https://www.etsy.com/listing/202095118/darth-nihilus-mask-inspired-by-star-wars The second one by Khros Nest: http://www.khrosnest.com/darth-nihilus-mask/ Which one should I buy? Or if anyone has any suggestion to a better mask, feel free to reply.
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