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    Hey! Glad to see you here. I think it's pressed to have a crease - not only at the front, but at the back too.
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    I've started working on the lower section of the cowl. WA's stock cowl is a great start and I really enjoy the simplicity, yet sharp look of the "cat ears/crown" that comes standard. The one change that needs to be made is the opening of the lower section. The stock solution lays in a more circular pattern based on how it is sewn. Which is very close, but just not as straight and open as I'd like: So I've split a center seam and will be adjusting how it lays around the neck area. Here's the initial seam removal, I continued onward for another 2 inches. Here's a quick shot of how I want the upper and middle portion of the cowl to lay. The plan will be to tuck and sew/pin these corners into the inner section of the cowl. Once those are positioned, the lower fabric will be bunched into sections and pinned into place (using pinlocks) to mimic the folds in-game. Sorry for the slightly blurry photo, it's a bit hard to see in that mask. I still need to do some work on the cape to bring it up off the ground a bit more as well as finish my chest armor that will be attached to the inside of the outer tunic. My goal is to finish this up by the new year.
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