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  1. This is so exciting!! Congratulations on beginning your build. Finding plain grey/steel blue jeans was a bit of a challenge for me, too... I didn’t realize how common the bleached/faded accented look was until I started looking for Aphra. I’d be curious too to see how noticeable it is on those pants you linked. Excited to see your build come together!!
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  2. Hi Florian! Just checking in to see how your build is going. I've loved seeing your pictures so far. Have you been able to print any new pieces recently?
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  3. Week 4: May 31 Just a little glove-work today. I attached a piece of black Velcro (the soft side) to the glove to cover a cap near the wrist where my skin could show. I also spray painted the logo on the gloves black. June 1 I heard back from Dan B about how he attached the front and back of the shin armor in a way that would allow them to come on and off easily. I call this the Thalizar Method 1. Glue rare earth magnets to the inside of the front shin and the outside of the back shin near the ankle. Line them up so they will connect to each other when you put the shin on. 2. Attach
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