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    already got mine and looks like I might have gotten 3 will have to reach back out Sent from my SM-F916U using Tapatalk
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    Looks nice, though you need to pull the cape over your shoulders and down behind your back, it is not correct like this. Good luck on the approval.
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    Hello everyone! My name’s John and from the Connecticut Garrison, ID-91316. My costumes are an ANH staff officer, imperial army trooper, and ROTJ royal guard. I’ve been working on making the CRL(s) for Jinata Security and the LMOs said this detachment would be the best fit. I’m looking forward to working with this detachment :). I got into the 501st because I love being a nerd, and when I found out I could help people at the same time, I had to. Hopefully we’ll all be back to trooping soon!
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    Been watching this build for a while now & I gotta say it has been a pleasure watching it come together! Second Sister is a great character and you have an amazing job bringing her to life, the quality of your work on the soft parts is inspiring and I look forward to seeing this one finished!
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    Made for my wife however ever so slightly too big for her build. Jaw comes in seperate piece which makes it easier to put on. Jaw clips on or can be fitted with magnets. Just needs a red visor! £120 Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
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    sorry got posted before i wanted, i do want to thank you for the feedback that is really what i am looking for when it comes to here so thank you and please don't be quiet Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
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    When I started out with costumes back in 2012, I hadn´t done much sewing myself - and see me now For my Nihilus COFT I used a basic shirt pattern and made mods for the cross over for the tunics - you can also use one of your shirts to lay on the fabric and cut after that. The skirts are easy, the innerskirt is done with an elastic at the waist, just pull the fabric around you and take more fabric to get the voluminous appearance, remember the split. Same with the outer skirt The cape - I measured myself from top to floor, added about 30 cm more and drapped it for the right fit, before I made the knot, I sewed in snaps at the shoulders to hold the cape behind the shoulders. The obi - not hard either, take your meassurements at the waist and remember to add on for the closure, I use velcro for that. Same with the belt, I bought two leather pieces and 8 chicago screws + added velcro for the closure. WA makes some really nice costumes, but I prefer to save money and do as much as I can myself. I think my costume was made for about $200 in total with all the materials. I was so lucky to get the fabric with 40% of at my local supplier You can see my WIP here :