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    I think I paid around 160 DKK for all the materials for the belt, and it is totally worth it to make it yourselves , you can save money and get the correct looking belt. Thank you so much - looking forward to seeing, how you put yours together.
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    Thanks - well, I did have some trouble with the mask, first go at it had to be redone, since the paste wouldn´t harden, so I had to strip it and start over again. I think it came out okay, but when I get some funds in the future, I´ll buy the WA mask or hope on a better 3d version
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    That´s really nice of you, thanks - I hope so, otherwise my youngest son will get it as a younglings costume. He is almost 13 (April 1st.) and pretty much the same height as me
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    Send in new pictures today... now to wait and see, if it was good enough...
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    Beautiful work - love it .
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