The Acolyte Finale Gets Mixed Reactions From Star Wars Fans (Shocker!)

Star Wars: The Acolyte Episode 8 brought the series (or at least the season?) to an end, and fans certainly have mixed thoughts about the finale. (SPOILERS) From the sudden and unexpected appearance by Sith Lord Darth Plagueis to some of the most stunning Star Wars action we’ve seen, The Acolyte is a mix of […]

Star Wars Celebrates Ahsoka’s Five Emmy Nominations

The nominees for the 76th annual Primetime Emmy Awards were announced today by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, and many of our favorite shows made the cut. One show that made out with five Emmy nominations was Star Wars: Ahsoka, the live-action Disney+ series that stars Rosario Dawson in the titular role and […]

New Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures Season 2 Trailer Released

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures is returning for Season 2, and the new trailer is now available to watch, below! Young Jedi Adventures has opened up a lane of Star Wars storytelling for younger kids. It follows a group of Jedi Younglings during the High Republic Era (centuries before the Skywalker Saga begins) as they […]

Star Wars Outlaws Designers Tease Cameo Characters

Star Wars Outlaws is based off of new characters, but given that it’s a Star Wars adaptation, there’s no way we’ll go through the whole game without seeing some surprise characters. We already know that Jabba the Hutt will be in the game, for example, and we’ve seen some major appearances in other games like […]

The Acolyte Episode 8 Recap (Finale Spoilers)

Star Wars: The Acolyte has been a lightning rod since the first trailers for the show dropped – and that negative commentary surrounding the show never abated while it was on. That’s all to say: The Acolyte‘s Season Finale episode had a lot to accomplish: answering lingering mysteries of the storyline, providing a satisfying final […]

How Star Wars: The Acolyte Sets Up Season 2

After several months of cliffhanger endings and unexpected moments, the first season of Star Wars: The Acolyte is officially in the books. The first live-action Star Wars title to be set during the High Republic era, the series introduced a surprising cast of characters, anchored by the mystery surrounding Osha and Mae (Amandla Stenberg). At […]

How The Acolyte Finale Set Up One of the Most Controversial Star Wars Storylines

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Star Wars: The Acolyte! Continue reading at your own risk… The first season of Star Wars: The Acolyte came to an end on Tuesday night, but not before connecting to one of the most controversial elements of the Skywalker Saga. The series had already revealed that Mae and […]

Star Wars: The Acolyte Stuns With Major Death in Season Finale

Spoilers follow for Star Wars: The Acolyte’s season finale! As the eighth and final episode of Star Wars: The Acolyte‘s first season comes to a close, it wasn’t without its tragedy, and death. Star Wars fans are no stranger to surprising deaths in the franchise, even The Acolyte stunned fans with several about halfway through […]

Star Wars: The Acolyte Finale Includes Massive Franchise Cameo

Being set during the High Republic Era, Star Wars: The Acolyte didn’t have the opportunity to use a lot of the characters from other popular Star Wars tales. Most of the Star Wars movies and shows we’ve seen to this point have been set more than a century after The Acolyte, so the majority of […]