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Flagship Eclipse Code of Operations

1 - Membership

A. The Flagship Eclipse Detachment of the 501st Legion is an inclusive, equal-opportunity fan club and will not tolerate discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, sexual orientation, or religion. The only requirements for membership are "ownership" of an accurate, complete, and professional-quality costume celebrating the articulated Expanded Universe Imperial (Dark Side) characters from the Star Wars expanded universe sources, that the member is able to wear said costume(s) and that the member must be at least eighteen (18 ) years of age. Membership is granted only after an application is made to the Detachment and by a Detachment Membership Liaison (DML) assigned to the Flagship Eclipse. Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed as listed members of the 501st Legion club and therefore are not allowed to join the Flagship Eclipse as members. The 501st or the Flagship Eclipse claim no responsibility for minors at events that are hosted or attended by its members.

B. Upon admission, members are granted access to Flagship Eclipse member only forums and are allowed to vote in Flagship Eclipse Matters. If members convert to inactive status at the legion level, their membership will be retired until such time as the member returns to active status.

C. Detachment Member, 501st Legion Member, and Board Member Definitions:

501st Legion Member, and Board Members are not granted any of the privledges which are granted to Detachment Members of the Flagship Eclipse Detachment. All visitors to the Flagship Eclipse boards are required to follow the board Terms of Service (TOS) or risk the punishments set forth in the Terms of Service (TOS)

An Detachment Member of the Flagship Eclipse Detachment is defined as a person who meets the following requirements:

Meets all 501st Membership Requirements (i.e. has an approved costume, is over 18 years of age, etc).
Has an approved membership record in the 501st Legion Membership Database
Has an Expanded Universe costume approved by the 501st Legion which is eligible for Flagship Eclipse membership per the Flagship Eclipse costume list.
Maintains their personal and contact information in the Membership Database (through either their local Garrison CO or other designated Garrison membership representative).

An Detachment member is eligible to:

Vote in all matters that come up for a vote/poll of the Active Membership
Hold Elected or Appointed Offices in the Flagship Eclipse Detachment
Purchase Official Flagship Eclipse Member Only merchandise (i.e. T-shirts, cards, badges, etc.) that are offered only to Flagship Eclipse Members
Have their picture posted on Flagship Eclipse Detachment Website in the membership section.
View and participate in Detachment Member only forums in the Flagship Eclipse Detachment website.
View and participate in 501st Legion Member only forums in the Flagship Eclipse Detachment website.
View and participate in all Board Member forums in the Flagship Eclipse Detachment website.

A 501st Legion Member in the Flagship Eclipse :
Meets all requirements for active membership in the 501st Legion
Does not yet have an approved Flagship Eclipse eligible costume.

A 501st Legion Member in the Flagship Eclipse :

May view and participate in 501st Legion Member only forums in the Flagship Eclipse Detachment website.
May view and participate in all Board Member forums in the Flagship Eclipse Detachment website.

A Board Member in the Flagship Eclipse :
Is not a member of the 501st Legion

A Board Member in the Flagship Eclipse :

May view and participate in all Guest Member forums in the Flagship Eclipse Detachment website.

D. Costumes eligible for membership are listed in the Flagship Eclipse acceptable costume list. New costumes to the detachment and to the 501st Legion must be passed through the Legion Membership Officer (LMO) and/or Legion Council for approval before placement in the Flagship Eclipse Detachment.

2. Misson

The Flagship Eclipse Detachment's mission is to encourage quality Star Wars Expanded Universe costuming. As such, the Flagship Eclipse Detachment will not focus on merchandising. [The Flagship Eclipse Detachment is also under an administrative probationary period administered by the 501st Legion until August 2007. After that time, Flagship Eclipse Detachment members may consider creating merchandise, but until full and non-probationary approval by the 501st Legion is granted, the Flagship Eclipse Detachment will not be creating merchandise in any form.] (bracketed portion of Section E. will be removed once the Flagship Eclipse Detachment has been released from its probationary period)

3 - Officers

A. Two forms of offices exist within the Detachment: command and administrative. Command offices exist to oversee the organization and deployment of troops and to set and enforce policy. Command offices include the Detachment Leader(DL) and Detachment Executive Officer (DXO). The Detachment Executive Officer (DXO) is appointed by the Detachment Leader. Administrative offices (AO) exist to perform the administrative duties required by the Detachment and are appointed by the Detachment Leader. Detachment Administrative Officers also sit in Detachment Leadership and are allowed to vote on Detachment matters. All Detachment officers are required to maintain membership in the Detachment to remain in office. The Command and Administrative Offices are listed below.

Detachment Command and Administrative Staff

B. Detachment Leader (DL) - The Detachment Leader operates as the top policy maker and administrator for the detachment. The DL appoints an DXO and administrative staff to help him/her with every aspect of running the club. Working with the DXO and administrative staff, the DL represents the detachment as a whole to the public, formulates policies to be reviewed and approved by the Detachment Leadership, moderates the Detachment Leadership, helps with the induction of new components to the detachment, reviews merchandising, and organizes partnerships with other detachments.

C. Detachment Executive Officer (DXO) - The DXO serves the DL in whatever capacity the DL needs for better administration of the detachment. This may involve taking over whole components of detachment administration as the DL requires it. The DXO reports directly to the DL on all issues of import and can serve as a liaison between the Detachment Leadership and the DL on occasion.

D. The Detachment Membership Officer (DMO) is responsible for receiving and processing applications for membership. The DMO uses the accompanying application photos and/or legion photographs to make a determination as to the initial qualifying costume. This approval is based upon the official costume list and official visual reference guide. The DMO is also responsible to make sure that potential Detachment costumes do not infringe upon other existing detachments.

E. The Detachment Webmaster (DWM) is in charge of managing the Detachment's website and message boards. In regards to the public website, the DWM is responsible to make sure the appearance and content of the site are accurate, up-to-date, and reflects well the image and integrity of the Detachment. In regards to the membership forums, the DWM is responsible for their functionality and content. As head of the web team the DWM coordinates all activities, projects, content management, and moderator actions. The DWM works with other administrative officers to incorporate information for web use such as membership photos, PR items, etc. The DWM oversees all polls and elections held in the Detachment unless he or she has a direct material conflict with the nature of the vote (i.e. running for the office of the poll, etc.) If the DWM has a direct material conflict with the poll in question, a 3rd party neutral will be brought in to adminster the vote. The DWM has the authority to call and release additional auxiliary personnel and form committees and teams as needed to facilitate the demands on the web team, but all appointments, dismissals, and formations must be reported to the Detachment Leadership prior to such action being taken.


The following are the 501st Legion Forum Rules. The same rules will apply to the FE Detachment Forum.


No profanity. Please keep it G/PG rated. While younger folks normally don't read this list, they might be reading over Daddy or Mommy's shoulder. Also G/PG language helps to keep tempers cool.

No "flaming". If you really feel you must argue, KEEP IT OFF-LIST OR TAKE IT "OFF-LIST". This includes no trolling/baiting (i.e. posting in such a manner as to intentionally provoke a negative response).

The contents of personal mail are personal. If the original sender did not post to this forum, DO NOT post copies or replies to this forum.

Please try to keep posts as "On Topic" as possible (i.e. related to 501st events, activities, votes, armor mods, etc.). When posting a new topic or a response to a topic, please pause and think. Remember that your post will be visible to all the members of this group and may not necessarily contribute to a particular thread.

Sales of merchandise. Please keep all "non-501st" sales/trades posts limited to our "For Sale/For Trade" forum and the rules listed there. Official and approved 501st merchandise should ONLY be offered to 501st members through the "Legion Merchandise Forum" of this board and your local Garrison forums in non-public areas. Official merchandise is to be sold at cost. Exceptions to this might include a fundraiser where any profit would go to charity or to fund additional 501st merchandise as gifts or giveaways. Appropriate sales include official 501st merchandise that bears the 501st name or logo (including Garrisons, Squads, and other 501st groups) and that have been approved by the Legion Merchandise Officer. If you are not sure if your merchandise qualifies as "official", ask the Legion Merchandise Officer (see 501st.com to find out who currently serves in this position).

NO discussion of politics or religion. Any posts should relate to 501st business or Star Wars related topics.

Controversial topics that need resolution at the Legion Council level should not attempt resolution in general discussion areas. Posts that bring attention to these issues are permitted, but Moderators reserve the right to lock topics that are out of control and no longer productive due to excessive opinionated or repetitive posts.

DISCIPLINARY ACTION: To be fair, violators of any of these guidelines will be given 2 warnings and their offending posts may be edited or deleted. The 3rd violation will result in restricted posting abilities for a one-week period. With an established history of violations that include restricted posting, repeat offenders may be placed on immediate posting restriction without warning. Severe violations such as blatant and hateful attacks may result in instant posting restrictions, without the benefit of a warning. The moderators of this board will attempt to be as fair and unbiased as possible, and have been selected based upon their ability and demonstrated history to act as such. But there are times when an individual may be made an example of...don't be this person! The Moderators word is FINAL, please do not aggravate a situation further by arguing over a decision to edit/moderate.