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  1. **resurrecting** Better job... Acquired sewing skill... and.....I was going to buy some raw silk from dharmatrading but they are sold out at the moment. Does anyone know where else to get black raw silk around the same price per yard?
  2. cajun

    Nhilius in KOTOR? he is not in KOTOR

    It says in the context of KotOR 2. I believe the (KOTOR) under the title means its from the KotOR world/era.
  3. Anyone have any idea what happened to Volund Starfire/Galactic Quartermaster? Kind of fell of the face of the planet. Hasn't logged on lately or made a Facebook update.... Hopefully they weren't dragged into the shadows by Mickey Mouse and gang for selling 'Disneys' intellectual property....
  4. That is weird. I use the generic Walmart brand for white, black, and red. For everything else I also use Krylon. From working on my Mandalorian armor I learned to use LIGHT coats with a few hours of dry time between. When I say light, I mean you can still see the primer/under layer until the 3rd coat of paint. Each layer (silver, white, and red) have about 5-6 coats.
  5. The generic brand of spray paint from Walmart. I didn't have any issues. Just several light coats.
  6. Necropost!!!! I mean....Progress!!!! lol Now, just have to do some finishing touches and order me some robes
  7. PM sent... Looks like Cody is being placed on the 'back burners". lol
  8. Yep! It's actually a small bottle of Jameson =P
  9. And so my adventure into the dark side begins =) I know, its a rough cut. I still have sanding to do....Just wanted to say..."HEY! progress over here"
  10. cajun

    Is MWA Nihilus accepted?

    I'm not 100%, but I'm sure it is. There maybe slight tweaks that are needed to make it 501st approvable like my friend had to do with MWA Revan, but I'm sure the tweaks will be minimal.
  11. Greetings! I originally introduced myself last year while I was thinking of doing a Darth Revan. Well, my local garrison now has a Revan so I have now moved onto a Darth Nihilus. I'm working on getting a commission for the mask. This might be a slow build since I'm about half through a Commander Cody build and it has priority. I decided to do Darth Nihilus because with a Merc kit and (soon) to be Commander Cody....I would really like a non-armored character. lol. I do have one question. Where can I find the blackout mask? I googled a varity of words (blackout mask, blackout Halloween mask, form-fitting blackout mask, form-fitting black mask) and I can't seem to find anything similar to the blackout mask I need. Thanks!