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  2. Darth Revan Costume - WIP

    Hi all, Today I want to share with you the gloves and the bracers. Although the bracelets could not take them to Argentina I could in this test make several tests with neodymium magnets and the structure itself of the bracers. Remember, this is considered as TEST, the final version I have to do it again. By the way this gave me gave me many ideas for future costumes .... if yes ... I have thought minimos 2 more ...! (Insert evil laugh here) Let's start by marking the tube for cuts. Cut, tested and corrected error (I added a little more plastic on both sides to close well by my arm) View of the total of the piece cut (Please ignore those marks with a marker, they are for another armor and an idea that came up for me later) After joining everything, sand and put first, the final test is done. Well, I hope you liked this friends that I shared with the greatest of tastes. As in Argentina on Monday is a holiday, I say goodbye to you until a minimum on Tuesday and have an excellent weekend. Norhiak out!
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  4. Introductions and Pending Forum Members

    Hi! I’m Kimia from Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas hoping to become a member of the Star Garrison. I am interested in helping build the CRL for Barriss Offee. I love the detail and passion that goes into the creation of these characters, and I want to be a part of the group responsible for them. The fun and charity of the 501st are also reasons for wanting to join.
  5. Finally new Darth Revan incoming

    Looking pretty sweet!
  6. Ceris_Galstan - Seventh Sister WIP

    I haven't disappeared I promise! Busy season at work is making it difficult to get back to my project. Pants are done, but still stuck on the gloves and boot cover. Once I have some time I will take some pictures and make a better update!
  7. Seventh Sister soft good help

    Hello there! Just to echo Aglarwen, I don't believe there are any vendors for the soft parts (and I really wish there was...the gloves and boot covers are a nightmare for me right now haha). Here's what I've got so far on my build...hope it might help you! Looks like I need to update my thread as well... Coat/Pants: My coat and pants are done and were made from black and red gabardine inside and out (if lining needed). The red stripe down the side of the pants is gabardine too (made from strips of the red with the raw edges pressed to the center and sewn to the pants as they were being put together). Boots: I bought a pair I found from Target and glued some red marine vinyl around the heel for the flash of red once the boot cover goes on. Right now I'm stuck on a boot cover. I am using marine vinyl (ok per GML) and lining the inside so it stays rigid (might also add thick interfacing). The pattern I used did not make a good cover, so I will be scrapping it and making up a new one. It fit my calf just fine, but it did not taper to the boot so it doesn't sit right. My next attempt I'll be going with the "wrap my boot and leg in duct tape or plastic wrap" to make a new pattern. Once I get around to it, I'll update my thread (busy season at work makes it hard to work on costumes, blargh). Gloves: These right now are my bane. I have very little experience in gloves and each one I've made hasn't come out quite right. I think I'm close, but these have been very trial and error for me. The fabric I'm using on these are not gabardine, but a slightly stretchy fabric that has the same look as gabardine (as gabardine tends to fray something awful). I've been drafting patterns on freezer paper by drawing "hand turkeys" and measuring out a seam allowance from there. Here's a link to the tutorial I'm using if it helps: https://lulukocosplay.wordpress.com/2015/03/03/tutorial-the-easiest-gloves-youll-ever-make-probably/ . If I can't get these figured out, I may seek out help from a local seamstress. Sorry if this was rambling...I know it's hard to find some input on this costume so wanted to pass on anything I've learned Good luck!
  8. Darth Revan Costume - WIP

    Hi all again, I could not show the evolution of the suit. So I sent them the pictures of the costume and the cape and added at the end a small video that I made the dressmaker Yineth Urrego that helped me with the suit, she lives in Bogota, Colombia and is not only very skilled and recommended, he is an excellent person and I can not not mention his labor. Lets start.. Testing Clothes ook.................... Now, lets share with you huys the final works.... ta ta tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... NOTE: I don´t use the balaclava, i forgot use that day. SORRY!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I dont take too many photos, sorry.... and finally the Video. I put here the Link: https://www.4shared.com/video/Lk0ynTr0ca/Clothes__Cape_TEST.html I hope you enjoy this.... im very happy and very exited in finish this project. Best Regards to all
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  10. My Mara Jade WIP

    Those look beautiful!
  11. Asajj Concept neckseal/collar

    No problem, happy to help. I know sewing that piece was one of the things my wife did several times to finally get how she wanted it (DS-7998 LadyB).
  12. Asajj Concept neckseal/collar

    Thank you so much. I'll send it to him. Can't express my happiness haha.
  13. Asajj Concept neckseal/collar

    Hello, Legion Membership Officer here. The Ep. 2 Concept Asajj can be seen with the collar armour going over her shoulders and also smaller and not overlapping like the Sideshow figure. Both are perfectly viable for approval. So long as it is well fitted and not bunching it should be fine. It should have clean lines etc. Feel free and have the GML post in the GML thread or contact lmo@501st.com if there are questions, thanks.
  14. Hello everyone. I need help from the Detachment leaders. I am working on my Asajj Ventress concept version and I can't get the collar right. Now my GML told me I could follow any reference, so I took the Sideshow action figurine. She had a round collar and my GML said I had to get a collar around my shoulders. I made this with a lot of problems, and then he said it was to 'messy'. I think it's because of the zigzag stitch which it needs for the stretching. now my question is, is a round collar also approvable, since the sideshow has it? thanks for the help. love, Msyt
  15. Seventh Sister soft good help

    Thanks for the tips! I figured it was all custom fabrication for the soft goods, but it never hurts to ask in case someone out there has taken it upon themselves to start a side business doing them lol of course it wouldn’t be much of a business with just the Seventh Sister lol
  16. My Mara Jade WIP

    Got my pieces from my artist. They are primed, but not painted as they have to get shipped off to my leather worker. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Darth Revan Costume - WIP

    Hi all, Today i wanna share another part of the project... Today is the time for gloves and plates. Gloves buy it in Macy´s on Memphis, Mississippi Gloves fitting Now its time of PLATE (Test1) Build process Time to made some modifications Time to sand work Well, now i need use some putty and start to primer and paint. But not for now, i need finish all the other parts. See you tomorrow
  18. I am very close to getting my Revan finished for submission for the basic 501st approval. For the flagship I still have a couple of things left to do. Mainly the dropping of the o ring, the leather for the rings and the single piece bracers. (Trying to get a stl print file for those. Anyone who has that that could direct me to it would be appreciated lol.) The clips at the top of the armor will be replaced with the more accurate ones by the time I send my application for approval in. I did have a question for the red material at the bottom of the chest plate. What material would be better to us for it in your all's opinion? I shall include the link to pic of the armor as it sits now and the application pics once they are ready to send in. http://s1378.photobucket.com/user/LordVykous/media/IMG_20171112_142908_zpsmjqllssc.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1
  19. Requesting detachment access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=25408
  20. Darth Nihilus sounds

    May I obtain a copy pls? Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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  22. Looking for ideas for my first costume

    Thanks! That was my reasoning behind going for Nihilus. I can pretty much get the complete outfit directly from MWA, but I'm still looking at other options in case I'm swayed.
  23. Looking for ideas for my first costume

    Excited to see what you come up with, can't wait to have another Flagship member join the ranks!!
  24. Looking for ideas for my first costume

    The more popular (more often made) the easier it will be to find sources. Darth Revan Darth Nihilus Are some of our most popular costumes in this detachment. Darth Nihilus is probably the most cost effective costume you can make as part of this detachment. We have quite a few Imperial Knights, you would have to look around and find sources for that costume, or maybe someone will reply to you here with some helpful information.
  25. Hi Guys, I'm trying to get into the 501st Arctic Outpost, and I've narrowed down a few costumes I'm interested in and would like ideas on where to start looking. These are: Sith Acolyte Darth Revan Darth Nihilus Imperial Knight Dark Stalker I'd really like the Imperial Knight, but can't find much info on it compared to the others. So far I'm leaning towards Darth Nihilus because it may be the easiest and most cost effective for a first time costumer. I looked at My Wicked Armor and theirs is pretty great, but I'd also like looking at other options. Any ideas? Thanks!
  26. Darth Revan Costume - WIP

    Hi again, Im very happy today sharing this with you guys.... I do not want to be very annoying uploading this backward material, so I will go up 1 or 2 per day depending on the amount of time I have until I can leave all the photos uploaded as my suit goes now. Now... its time of the O-Ring or Main Ring. I'm going to put some pictures of the creation process of the ring echo 100% in 2 component resin. All start drawing circles... Basic Shape - Rings Basic Shape - Inside Circles Mold Phase 1 Mold Phase 2, shot 1 Mold Phase 2, shot 2 Filled with the Resin Now it's time to make some holes, sand and polish a bit. More sand works Drill lateral holes I dont take the final photos of the sand works... Best Regards to all and have a good Weekend!! See you the Monday with new photos.
  27. Darth Revan Costume - WIP

    Very good, then I modify as little as possible. Thanks for the help.
  28. Darth Revan Costume - WIP

    Lightsaber is fine. No need for covertec wheel, as he never wears his light saber on a belt. The only purpose for this is if you are going to mount a Lightsaber holder to a belt, so it can hang off a belt. Boots are fine.
  29. Darth Revan Costume - WIP

    Hi again!!! Well.... i watn share with you the fisrt item in the List... BOOTS ! Entrusted to a highly recommended company in Bogota, Colombia to be made by hand. Company: Calzado Jarglo Address: Calle 15 #77b - 75, Bogotá, Colombia Telephone: +57 5 2511129
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